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Office of the Comptroller

The Comptroller’s Office supports Medgar Evers College tax levy and non-tax levy activities through the prudent management of the College’s assets and business affairs. Leveraging resources in Accounting, Procurement Services, Accounts Payable, Property Management, Reprographics, Mail Services, and the Stockroom we provide key financial and administrative services to the College and manage the financial reporting of the College.

Comptroller’s Office Department Managers

Name Telephone Email Room
Rebecca Fraley-Corrado

Interim Assistant Vice-President for Administration & Finance

718-270-5026 C-200
Philippe Brunson

Accounts Payable

718-270-6114 C-200
Jean Dufour

Finance Specialist

718-804-6993 C-200
Andre Williams

Reprographics, Mailroom, Stockroom

718-270-5175 AB1-C-15
Justus Daniel

Property Management

718-270-5033 C-326A


Statewide Travel Guideline

Q. Can I purchase Amtrak tickets directly at the station, or must I use an Authorized Travel Agency?
A. You may purchase Amtrak tickets directly at the station by using your New York State ID to obtain the state government fare. You may also purchase your Amtrak ticket at an Authorized State Travel Agency, however the travel agent will charge a processing fee for this transaction.

Q. Can I purchase personal/vacation Amtrak tickets using the state rate?
A. No. Amtrak state government discount tickets are to be used solely for state business travel.

Q. Does Amtrak provide state discount fwww to any of the intermediate stops between Albany and New York (such as Poughkeepsie or Yonkers)?
A. No. Amtrak only provides the state discount rate between Albany or Hudson Stations and New York Penn Station.

Q. Is the state rate available on the “reserved” trains between Albany and New York?
A. Yes, except the Lakeshore Limited

Note: Employees should not purchase Acela tickets. They are not reimbursable.

Expense Reimbursement

The Accounts Payable Department reimburses faculty and staff for valid expenses incurred while performing college business. It is important that employees get approval from the department head before the purchase. The college does not reimburse any taxes paid on purchases. Employees fill out a Personal Expense Form, signed by the unit head. The form and all original receipts are sent to the Accounts Payable Department. Expense Reimbursement Form

Travel reimbursement

Faculty and staff must consult their department head and obtain approval prior to travel. Department head must insure that there are adequate funds available for reimbursement. Faculty and staff member then complete a Request For Travel Authorization Form prior to traveling or incurring any travel expenses. This form must include:

  1. Estimates of all necessary and reasonable expenses to be incurred,
  2. A copy of the event’s official notice, program, agenda, etc., and
  3. Appropriate unit head signature

Faculty and staff will pay for all of their travel expenses and will be reimbursed upon their return. Employees should be mindful to stay within the estimates approved in the Request For Travel Authorization Form. When an employee returns from a trip, the travel reimbursement procedure is as follows:

  1. Properly complete a State of New York Travel Voucher form
  2. List all actual business expenses incurred
  3. Include original receipts of all expenses
  4. Form must be reviewed and signed by unit head
  5. Submit paperwork on a timely basis.

Additional Resources:

Travel Reimbursement Checklist
State of New York Travel Voucher

Click here to get the most recent IRS mileage rate.

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