Our Core Values

The success of Finance and Administration relies on the effort, dedication and intelligence of its team members in support of the College’s mission, initiatives and priorities.  We endeavor to uphold the highest standards and ethics.

Our ten (10) Core Values that guide our daily operations, interaction with our colleagues, strategic partners, and our levels of performance.

We are committed to supporting the achievement of the College’s goals and fully aligned our resources with its strategic and academic priorities. These goals provides the framework by which we operate and make decisions.

We partner with all areas of the College community in the sharing of information, knowledge, and best practices to promote business efficiencies.


We view ourselves as service centers to support the academic mission. We respect divisional autonomy and recognize our stakeholder's unique requirements for success. We understand the importance of finding adequate and best solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


We create a transparent working environment by maintaining an open door policy. We proactively communicate our work status, priorities, and deadlines. We offer guidance on recommended solution to effectively resolve customers’ issues.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

We are actively seeking most effective and efficient ways to solve problems to better meet our customer’s needs. We encourage innovative activities to achieve highest results. We monitor performances to develop good stewardship of the College’s resources.


We diligently work to build and maintain trust within the College. We sustain credible, reliable, and trusted professional teams in each respective areas of responsibility.


We anticipate the needs of the College and internal stakeholders. We proactively plan to meet customers’ needs by applying fiscally responsible solutions. We follow through on our deliverables. We reply to requests for information in a timely manner.


We are committed to excellence in everything we do and strive to deliver value to the College. We adhere to ethical standards. By our work, we demonstrate a commitment to high quality.


We respect the different opinions and seek to find common ground with all customers served. Together these Core Values form the foundation of each of our practices.  We strive to excellence and are committed to providing value services in a proactive, flexible, and efficient manner.


We take full responsibility for our activities and are accountable for our work. We honor our commitments and take pride in our work.