Campus Services

The Campus Services comprise of three units: the Mail Center, Reprographic and Receiving and Stock Room. Together their primary focus is the receiving and handling of all Tax Levy purchases (goods and equipment) and the receipt and mailing of all official written correspondences.



Name/Title Phone number Email Location
Lakisha Murray/Director 718-270-6245 C 204
Andre Williams/Assistant Director 718-270-5175 AB1-C15
Reprographics 718-270-6012/6011
Gregory Mock C bilding  C16
Gregory David C bilding  C16
Frederick Barnwell 718-270-4903 C bilding  C16
Mail Center 718-270-6036
Gary Nicholson AB1-C15
Andrew Khan AB1-C15
Receiving 718-270-6014
Marvin Hill AB1-L18
Matthew Croft AB1 -L18