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The Reprographics team works diligently to meet the printing needs of the faculty and staff at Medgar Evers College. We value our service to the College community and urge you to contact us if you have any comments, questions, and/or suggestions. We offer a variety of services, that include:

  • Black-and-white printing (exams, syllabi, class materials)
  • Digital color printing (flyers, brochures, business cards, tabloid posters, invitations)
  • Analog press printing (NCR, envelopes)
  • Large-format printing (posters, banners, booklets, signage)
  • Scanning
  • Binding (stapling, Tape and comb, side stitching)
  • Laminating
  • Cut to size
  • Folding
  • Pad Making

Print Shop Pro

The user-friendly software allows MEC faculty and staff to order all of their MEC-related print material. The software streamlines orders ensuring timely completion, and proper charges for individual departments, and helps the Repro team in remaining true to the MEC Go Green Initiative.

How to Submit your Printing Request:

  1. Visit MEC website and click Faculty located on the upper right side of the webpage.
  2. Scroll down and click on Reprographics, then click on Print Shop Pro Dashboard.
  3. Click Log-in on the upper right.
  4. Enter your MEC User name and password. (Your MEC User name is everything in your email before
  5. Lastly, submit printing request as soon as possible and indicate the method of delivery for the Department.

Bulk Copies MUST be sent to Reprographics Effective Immediately!

Faculty and staff MUST use the online Resource on MEC Website to submit **large printing request to Reprographics.

Thank you! We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and courtesy

** Large Print request are any job over xx pages

Click here to access the Print Shop Pro Dashboard

1150 Carroll Street, C16
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Office Number: (718) 270-6012 / 6011

Gregory Mock:
Gregory David:
Frederick Barnwell:


Reprographics is committed to the quality of our community’s paper and printing needs. Our mission is two-fold. We aim to provide an organized and seamless process for faculty and staff to retrieve any printing material. We also acknowledge the importance of MEC’s “Go Green” initiative and will collaborate with members of Medgar Evers College to produce only quality material that is necessary to enhancing the college community.

Services Offered:

  • Copying: Black and white copying
  • Printing: 800/1000 Color Press are used to meet large, color, or high quality printing needs.
  • Folding: Have your documents folded. We offer anything from letter to a tabloid z-fold.
  • Laminating: This is a great way to preserve your documents. The laminator is capable of laminating anywhere from 2″ to 25″ wide paper.
  • Drilling: We have the capability to drill from a single hole to three holes anywhere on your document.
  • Cutting: We can cut from 2″ x 3″ to 25″ x 50″.Bindery: We can bind your document using a variety of methods.


When submitting a print request to Reprographics please be aware of the following guidelines:

Reprographics is not a free service. Your department will be charged for all printing orders. It is important to keep this in mind when designing your syllabus, curriculum, or any year long projects that will require printing. For a complete list of products, sizes, and finishing options offered, please refer to the products listed on the Print Shop Pro list.
Job turnaround time is based on the printed product requested, ranging from one to three days for exams and syllabi to 10 to 15 days for bound books.
Reprographics is closed on weekends and major holidays. For more information on our job turnaround requirements, please refer to our product list. Note: Jobs to Design Services may have their own lead-time requirements.
Works submitted to the Reprographics department are subject to the laws of fair use. Please refer to copyright rules and regulations when submitting class material or excerpts from published work, as may some restrictions may apply. Reprographics reserves the right to reject any submissions that may violate the law.
Completed print jobs can be picked up at the reprographics office or sent via campus mail to your department’s main office. Please bring faculty/ staff ID when picking up exams or confidential materials.

Users should use digital files when placing an order. If users require reproduction of hard-copy materials, Reprographics has a shared computer and scanner that can be used to facilitate the process.
Customers submitting print jobs to Reprographics do so in two ways, depending on the type of printed material requested:

Black-and-white jobs such as exams, syllabi, and class handouts are submitted via our Print Shop Pro for instructions on how to use the website, click here.
Color jobs such as posters, flyers, letterhead, invitations, business cards, and brochures are subject to the quality control standards of the college. As such, these materials must be submitted to the Design Services department to be designed and/or approved. Upon approval and/or completion of the design, Design Services will submit the job to the Reprographics on the client’s behalf.

To log in to the print shop pro website, you must use your MEC account. If you do not have an account, or your account does not work, you can call the Office of IT for assistance.

To log in to the print shop pro, make sure when typing the Print Shop address into your browser, you are not using the prefix WWW. If you are unable to access the print shop website via a direct link or bookmark, try a web address. If you are still having difficulties, feel free to contact us.

Yes we do! We ask for a 10 to 15 day turnaround time for course packs due to high work volume. Please plan accordingly and send course packs as early as possible to ensure completion at the beginning of the semester.

The person logged in when the order was placed is the default recipient of the printed work. If you would like your printed materials sent to a different person or department, please enter your changes in the “Special Instructions” field.

Please detail your needs in the “Special Instructions” field.

Reprographics does not accept hard copies. In order to have something reproduced from hard copy form, you must scan it as a digital file and submit it via our print shop website. Many departmental copiers across campus have a scan function, which will scan your document and allow you to send the file to your personal email.

The print shop website provides a confirmation/job order number when you print job is submitted. To inquire about your job status, simply call us with your name, department, and job number.

The cost total you see when submitting a job is for administrative purposes only. Medgar Evers College faculty and staff are not charged for our standard services.

PAF forms can be ordered through the print shop website by clicking on the “Forms” product type on the left side of the page and proceeding through the necessary steps.

Why, yes we do! We ask for a 10-to-15 day turnaround time for course packs, due to high work volume. So please plan accordingly and send your course packs in as early as possible to ensure completion before the beginning of the semester.

Graphic Services prepares the design and camera-ready artwork for business cards, letterhead, pads, and envelopes. Please order such requests through Graphic Services, which will submit the job to Reprographics on the client’s behalf.

Turnaround time is dependent upon the speculations of the job and the quantity requested. Straightforward black-and-white photocopying such as class handouts, syllabi, and exams, take one to three business days. Other jobs may require more lead-time, which you can learn about here. Please give ample time for ensure a successful printing project. NOTE: Jobs sent via Design Services have additional lead-time requirements, so plan accordingly.

Absolutely! Exams receive special attention. Students do not have access to exams at any time during the drop-off, printing, or delivery process. Students cannot deliver or pick up exams (faculty/staff ID is required for pickup) and they are not permitted in the operations area of the print shop. In addition, all exams are treated as rush jobs.

All printing order that require outside mailing must be designed and produced according to U.S Postal Service guidelines. As such, all orders that will utilize the College Bulk Mail account must be submitted via Mail service for review and approval.

It is essential that you proofread your material before submitting your work. Do not wait until the job is already in production to check for content, punctuation, or spelling errors. Reprographics is not responsible for such errors and will charge a fee if reprinting is necessary. If you notice the error promptly after submission, it is possible to call us and cancel the order before it goes into production, but there are no guarantees.