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Mission and Goals

Medgar Evers College was founded as a result of collaborative efforts by community leaders, elected officials, the Chancellor and the Board of Higher Education of The City University of New York. The College, named after the civil rights leader, Medgar Evers, was established in 1970 with a mandate to meet the educational and social needs of Central Brooklyn. The College is committed to the fulfillment of this mandate.

In keeping with the philosophy of The City University and Medgar Evers College, we believe that education is the right of all individuals in the pursuit of self actualization. Consequently, the College’s mission is to develop and maintain high quality, professional, career oriented undergraduate degree programs in the context of liberal education. The College offers programs both at the baccalaureate and at the associate degree levels, giving close attention to the articulation between the two year and the four year programs. The College has a commitment to students who desire self improvement, a sound education, an opportunity to develop a personal value system, and an opportunity to gain maximum benefits from life experience and from their environment.


Consistent with The City University of New York Board of Trustees’ policy, the College seeks to serve the Central Brooklyn community which is comprised of students with diverse educational, socioeconomic, political, cultural and national backgrounds.


The College seeks to provide students with the essential basic and academic knowledge and skills necessary for rigorous undergraduate study, entry into graduate and professional schools, and career advancement and to incorporate the experiential resources of students into their attainment of skills and knowledge and academic excellence.


The College seeks to improve students’ understanding of self, past and present societies, and future trends by providing its students with a liberal education which communicates the knowledge of tradition, the teachings of scholars, and the beauty and profundity of their cultural heritage.


The College seeks to prepare students for leadership roles in a changing world, so that they and the College can be energizers or change agents in the community.


The College seeks to develop non degree educational and co curricular social, economic, and cultural programs which serve its students and a broad population of community residents.


The College seeks to fulfill its mission through active interaction with community representatives


The College seeks to create a positive environment that provides opportunities for professional growth of all its employees and that permits freedom of thought and inquiry, the free exchange of ideas, and the pursuit and advancement of knowledge by faculty and students.


The College seeks to develop and maintain processes and procedures for coordination and oversight that ensure that standards of quality are met and that its Mission, Goals, and priorities are accomplished as effectively and efficiently as possible.