Mail Center

  • To receive, distribute and return all orders processed through the College Purchasing Office.
  • To serve as an extension of the United States Postal Services in the efficient distribution all mail.
  • To fulfil College-wide xerographic needs.

Campus Services

The Campus Services comprise of three units: the Mail Center, Reprographic and Receiving and Stock Room. Together their primary focus is the receiving and handling of all Tax Levy purchases (goods and equipment) and the receipt and mailing of all official written correspondences.


The Mail Center (Center) provides enhanced mailing to capitalize on maximum savings to the College community. The Center also provides a wide range of services to satisfy customers' mailing requirements. The services include:

  • Pre-Sort:Our new management system pre-sorts mail by their zip codes. This allows us to secure the lowest postage rates. The areas and units’ to capitalize on these savings measures, are encouraged to always ensure mailing address are correct
  • Folding/Inserting: Our equipment can automatically fold and insert up to three sheets (Please contact the Center for guidance)
  • Special Services: Insured Mail, Certified Mail, Return Receipt, Priority (2-day), USPS Express Mail (overnight) and UPS (domestic and international) are all available with the area and departmental heads’ authorization.



To provide customers with accurate and efficient service in accordance with the United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations. The delivery schedule is as follows:

Metered Mail for USPS Daily Service Mail due in Center by 3 p.m.
Bulk Mail Services Available; requires 4 days lead time
Off-Campus Messenger Service Subject to workload and staffing constraints
Inter-Office Mail Dispatched daily
USPS Special Services: certified, express, etc. Mail due in Center by 2:30 p.m.
UPS Mail/packages due in Center by 10:00 A.M. for same-day pick-up
CUNY mail service to and from the colleges and University offices (no checks) Courier delivers and picks up mail at 10a.m. daily


The Center recognizes the customers' need for quality and savings. Mailing has been standardized accordingly. Please contact the Center's manager at the earliest stage of planning process for guidance on the preparation of envelopes, cards, permit indicia and zip+4 assigned to the College.


Please use only the multi-purpose inter–office envelopes, available in the Center, for all inter-office correspondences. For prompt and accurate deliveries, include the recipient's first and last names as well as the department’s name and room number. To avoid delays and unnecessary postage, please do not use the College personalized #10 and window envelopes (this increases the chances of errors and confusion with the out-going USPS mails).


All outgoing mails of more than 100 pieces that is in envelopes larger than a #10 envelope requires approval by a department head or designee. An authorization form are available in the Mail Center or delivered to department upon your request.

Envelopes bearing postage stamps or business reply postages must be sealed and separated from mail that will require processing by the Mail Center. Please seal all manila envelopes with clear tape. Do not use clasps or staples to close the envelopes.

Any mail that is received and which should be forwarded, must be placed intact in a new envelope for forwarding.

Mail to be returned to its sender must have the original address completely covered with a label and the words "RETURN TO SENDER" prominently written on this label.

There will be NO PRE-STAMPING OF MAIL by machine.

We Can Help with Your Mailing
The Mail and Reprographic Centers can help you eliminate the drudgery of large mailings. For instructions on how to take advantage of their automated process of mail merges,

Mail Merge Guidelines

The Mail and the Reprographic Centers have teamed up to provide mail merge services to the College. These services are offered so that the College can achieve maximum postal savings and also to help departments save time and labor to produce large multi-recipient mailings. With very little exception, these services eliminate the need for departments to place address labels on envelopes or fold and insert letters.

To increase our saving advantages from the use of mail merge services, the following guidelines should be followed:

Write or design the letter you want to send.

  • Write your letter on the standard college letterhead so that you do not interfere with the address portion of your letter
  • If you have additional pages or inserts, they should be created at the same time
  • Non-standard letterhead with elongated or distorted logos or department information usually interferes with the address area and will not be accepted
  • Reprographics can be contacted for assistance.

Create a mailing datasheet and submit your text.

To create data sets for the mailing population (students, staff, etc.)

  • Submit a request to IT defining the population intended for the mailing. IT will create a data list with the correct recipients for your mailing
  • Attach to the GroupLink ticket, the completed letter or flyer that should be mailed (Include any additional pages or inserts to go with this mailing). Be sure to specify on the ticket, any special instructions that are needed for the mailing so that it can be produced and assembled correctly.
  • IT will place the data list and material to be mailed in the Campus Services shared folder for processing with an e-mail notification that the job is in the folder.
  • Mail Center upon accepting your GroupLink ticket, will create your address data list and forward it along with your mailing materials to Reprographic for production and mailing
  • When Reprographics and the Mail Center are notified that your mailing is in the shared folder ready to be processed, they will put your mailing in the production schedule so that it can be produced and mailed by the time that you specified.

So that your mailing can be produced as efficiently as possible, please observe the following:

  • Mailings must be designed and sent to IT so that Reprographics and the Mail Center can have one week to process each mailing.
  • All mailings are processed as quickly as possible, but because of the volume of mailing that all departments in the College produce, we must have one week to ensure that there is sufficient time to meet your deadlines.
  • If you cannot submit your mailing with a one-week lead time, have other special need(s) or need assistance, please contact: Andre Williams x5175 or x6036

Charging postage to a different department

The Center must be notified in advance when a department other than the sending department is to be charged. For example, envelopes identified as coming from the Office of Admission but are being charged to the Office of Human Resources.

Large mailings

All large mailings must be placed in the appropriate mail receptacles. Two-foot trays are to be used for #10 envelopes while mail buckets are to be used for envelopes larger than #10 envelopes. Mail receptacles can be obtained in the Center or be delivered to your departments upon request.

Additionally, the Center must be notified at the earliest stage of planning of a department's intent to use a mailing house for large volumes of mail. Funding must be secured in advance in the bulk mail account for this class of mail.

Department representatives can receive training to learn how to prepare mail to receive discounted rates.


Air Mail labels for international mailings can be obtained from the Center and must be affixed to the mail. All mail submitted for international postage must bear the College's return address and department name. Proper identification of all mail is essential so that accurate charge back can be made.


  1. What time does the mail go out?
    A Mail messenger take all mail to the post office at 4:00 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday.
  2. What classes of mail are processed?
    We process various classes of mail and provide special services such as First-Class, Bulk mail, Certified, Return receipt and Insured.
  3. What can I do to cut costs on large mailings?
    Batch mailings over 200 pieces should be sent presorted as noted earlier. Contact the Center for information and guidance.
  4. What time does the CUNY messenger come to the campus?
    The courier usually comes to the campus by 10 a.m. Monday through Friday.
  5. How do I mail an item for next day delivery?
    Next day delivery is available through USPS Express or a delivery service such as UPS. To utilize a delivery service, the approval of a departmental head and the Vice President of Administration and Finance are required.
  6. Can I send personal mail?
    Yes, with two requirements: you must have Postage affixed and personal return address clearly stated on the envelope.(Please do not use the College envelopes)
  7. Can I receive personal mail?
    No, the receipt of personal mail is not allowed.

Receiving & Stock Room

Receiving & Stock Room is responsible for packages received by the College for Tax and Non-Tax Levy purchases. The department received packages from all shippers other than the U.S. Postal Service (USPS delivers to the Mail Center.). Packages are received at our loading dock Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:30 am and 2:00 pm. Packages are delivered to the recipient as promptly as possible, usually the same day they arrive.

However, if you need to check to see if a package has been received, please call x6014. Upon calling, it is useful to have the name of the vendor and the shipper, when the package was expected and, if possible, a tracking number. This will enable the Receiving staff to deliver the highest possible service.