The Mail Center provides enhanced mailing to capitalize on maximum savings to the College community. In addition to postage and mailing, the Mail Center offers folding, envelope stuffing (inserting), sealing, packaging, collating, and computer-generated mail processing.

The Services include:

Presort: Our new management system presorts mail by their zip codes, which allows us to secure the lowest postage rates. It is advised to make sure all mailings are addressed correctly before they arrive in the Mail Center.
Folding/Inserting: Our equipment can fold and insert up to three sheets into envelopes. (For more information about this service, please contact the Mail Center for guidance.)
Special Services: Insured Mail, Certified Mail, Return Receipt, Priority (2-Day), USPS Express Mail (overnight) and UPS (domestic and international) are all available with departmental authorization.


Metered Mail for USPS Daily Service Mail due in Center by 3:00 pm
Bulk Mail Services Available; requires four (4) days lead time
Off-Campus Messenger Service Subject to workload and staffing constraints
Inter-Office Mail Dispatched daily
USPS Special Services: certified, express, etc. Mail due in Center by 2:30 pm
UPS Mail/packages due in Center by 10:00 am for same-day pick-up
CUNY mail service to and from the colleges and University offices (no checks) Courier delivers and picks up mail at 10:00 am daily

Mail Center
1638 Bedford Avenue, C15
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Office Number: (718) 270-6036

Mail Center Team
Gary Nicholson: | Andrew Khan:

If you have a special mailing that requires customization, please contact the Mail Center Manager for assistance. We can assist in the planning of your mailing from the type of envelopes to use and preparation, unique sized cards, permit indicia, and zip+4 assigned to the College. We will determine what the most efficient and cost-effective method is for your mailing

Interoffice mail is dispatched daily to all office locations across campus. All interoffice mail must be sent in multi-purpose inter-office envelopes, which are available from the Mail Center. For prompt and accurate deliveries, include the recipient’s first and last names, with the department name and room number on the interoffice envelope.

If your office does not have a supply of interoffice envelopes, please contact the Mail Center to request some to be delivered to our office.

To prevent delays or the wrong postage from being applied to department cost centers, please do not use the College personalized #10 and window envelopes for interoffice mailing. (This increases costly errors with outgoing USPS mail).

All outgoing mails of more than 100 pieces in envelopes larger than a #10 envelope requires approval by a department head or designee. Please contact Mail Center to request authorization form if you have a large mailing.

Additionally, the Mail Center must be notified at the earliest stage in planning a large mailing, as funding must be secured in advance of the mailing.

Envelopes with postage stamps or business reply postage must be sealed and separated from mail that requires processing by the Mail Center. Please seal all manila envelopes with clear tape. Do not use clasps or staples to close the envelopes.

Return to Sender mail must have the original address completely covered with a label and the words “RETURN TO SENDER” prominently written on the label.

We DO NOT PRE-STAMP MAIL. Envelopes must be addressed first.

For large mailings, the Mail Center and Reprographics can help you take advantage of our automated process of mail merges to save time and achieve maximum postal savings. If you would like to learn more about preparing your mailing, contact the Mail Center. We are happy to assist.

All large mailings must be placed in the appropriate mail receptacles. In each office, there are two-foot trays for #10 envelopes and mail buckets for envelopes larger than #10 envelopes. Mail receptacles can be obtained in the Mail Center or be delivered to your departments upon request.

Receiving & Stock Room is responsible for packages received by the College for Tax and Non-Tax Levy purchases. The department received packages from all shippers other than the U.S. Postal Service (USPS delivers to the Mail Center.). Packages are received at our loading dock Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9:30 am and 2:00 pm.

Packages are delivered to the recipient as promptly as possible, usually the same day they arrive.

However, if you need to check to see if a package has been received, please call x6014. Upon calling, it is useful to have the name of the vendor and the shipper, when the package was expected and, if possible, a tracking number. This will enable the Receiving staff to deliver the highest possible service.

Receiving Office
1638 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11225
Tel: (718) 270-6014

Receiving Team
Matthew Croft: | Marvin Hill:


Air Mail labels for international mailings can be obtained from the Mail Center and must be affixed to the mail. All mail submitted for international postage must bear the College’s return address and department name. All mail must include department identification of all correspondence to be billed to the correct department.

A Mail messenger takes all mail to the post office at 4:00 pm daily, Monday through Friday.

We process most United States Postal Service (USPS) mailing classifications, including First-Class, Bulk mail, Certified, Return receipt and Insured.

Batch mailings over 200 pieces should be sent presorted as noted earlier. Contact the Mail Center for information and guidance.

The courier usually comes to the campus by 10 am, Monday through Friday.

Next day delivery is available through USPS Express or a delivery service such as UPS. To utilize a delivery service, the approval of a departmental head and the Vice President of Administration and Finance are required

Yes, with two requirements: you must have postage affixed and personal return address clearly stated on the envelope. (Please do not use the College envelopes.)

No, the receipt of personal mail is not allowed.