The Budget Office performs the following three services:

  • To develop, evaluate and allocate the College's financial resources to meet areas’ goals and objectives.
  • To guide the responsible management of the College's financial resources and safeguard against the mismanagement of funds.
  • To actively maintain and share accurate revenue and expense data with all levels of management to ensure the adequate use of allocated resources.

The Budget Office provides campus-wide education of expenditure trends and variances to promote financial stewardship and accountability in the use of College restricted funds. The staff’s ultimate goal is to ensure the College maximizes its resources and operates within the limits set forth by the State and University.


George Softleigh, Budget Manager


1150 Carroll Street – RM 200
Brooklyn, New York 11225


To access the following Budget Office documents, please click on the links below:

The above documents can also be accessed by logging in to SharePoint located on the College’s webpage directly under the Faculty tabs.

Please follow the instructions below to access your department’s budget information:

  • Click on SharePoint
  • Log on with your User Name and Password (which is your MEC e-mail/password)
  • Click on Budget Office
  • Click on your Area/Department
  • Listed will be Budget Reports for your area/department in the Fiscal 2017 folder
  • Right click on Report (opens)