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Holiday ScheduleThese are the scheduled holidays, unscheduled holidays, and annual leave year periods as provided by Board policy or by the various Union contracts, which may be subject to change. As you will see, all groups of employees have similar schedules, but they are not identical. Therefore, it is important that you consult the chart to determine your exact grouping.

Employees are encouraged to use annual leave accruals during the annual leave period in which earned. Hours of work are those designated by the College or unit and cannot be changed or amended without the approval of the President or his or her designee.

For holidays which fall on a Saturday or Sunday, the schedule indicates when they are to be observed, or provides for an unscheduled holiday, for employees who normally are scheduled to work Monday through Friday. For employees other than those in Section 220 titles, who are regularly scheduled to work Saturday and/or Sunday, the holiday is to be observed on the particular Saturday or Sunday in question. For employees in Section 220 titles who are regularly scheduled to work Saturday and/or Sunday, the holiday is to be observed on the Monday or Friday indicated on the chart; if such employee is regularly scheduled to be off on the Monday or Friday in question, that employee is to be credited with a compensatory day. If an employee’s regular day off fall on both the observed and the actual holidays, the employee is to be credited with an unscheduled holiday (referred to as a compensatory day for employees in Section 220 titles).

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