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Change of Address Form

Change of Address forms may be downloaded and printed by clicking onto the link below. Once completed, the forms must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. You must present a valid City or State issued photo ID.

Please Note: Students that are currently enrolled can change their address viaCUNYfirst. Click here to download the Change of Address form.

Change of Name, Gender Change, and Social Security Number

Students who would like to change their name, gender, and/or Social Security Number may download the form below. This form can only be submitted in person at the Office of the Registrar.

In the event that you are submitting a change of name, you must provide the Registrar’s Office with an original Court Document. Ex: Marriage Certificate or Divorce Certificate with official court stamps/ seals.

In the case of a misspelling of your name, a valid state ID or Social Security Card may be used as proof.

If you wish to change your Social Security Number you must provide your original Social Security Card.

Please note that in the case of a Name, Gender, and/or Social Security Number change, ORIGINAL supporting documents must be submitted. This form cannot be mailed or faxed to the Office of the Registrar.

Click here to complete and download the following forms:

Name Change Request Form
Personal Data Change Request Form
Gender Change Request Form

Duplicate Degree

Please use the link below to order a duplicate degree. The link will forward you to Parchment as if you are requesting your transcript but instead, you are requesting what Parchment calls, “Academic Credential.” When making the request you will be asked to provide the year you attended MEC and the year you left. When prompted for your Student ID, you will enter your SS # but leave 1 number off as Parchment only accepts 8 Numbers and your SS is 9.

Once we receive your duplicate degree request we will then process the degree and you will be notified through Parchment.

Click here to order your duplicate degree.

Preferred Name Request Form

While CUNY recognizes the importance that a change of name might have to students during their time with the University, a preferred name is not a legal name but is generally used to change how others refer to you. For this purpose, students may identify a preferred name to be recorded in the student system. No documentation is required to have a preferred name recorded. Documents and records that may display a preferred name include, among other things, course rosters, student identification cards, student email addresses, and other documents issued by the University. A preferred name will not be reflected on, among other things, a student’s official academic record, diploma, or transcript. The Preferred Name Request Form can be accessed here.