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CUNY Reconnect

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What is CUNY Reconnect?

CUNY Reconnect is an initiative to help adults return to higher education. This initiative aims to help working-age students who left CUNY earn a degree and, by doing so, increase access to job opportunities and earning potential. If you’ve never attended college, attended college and didn’t complete your degree, or are looking for a career change, or promotion, Reconnect with MEC!

For more information about the initiative: CUNY Reconnect

Why should you Reconnect with MEC?

  • Receive a valuable, worldly educational experience close to home
  • Obtain the education you need for higher-paying jobs
  • Personalized advisement to get you back on track to earn your degree
  • Financial assistance to help you re-enroll and complete your classes
  • Access to student services such as counselingchildcare and the Transition Academy

First-time freshman, transfers and readmit students are eligible for Reconnect. If you are a former Medgar Evers College student, welcome back! Get started today!

Criteria & Eligibility:

  • Must be a freshman/transfer/readmit student
  • Must be at least 24 years or older
  • Must be in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 or better)
  • For transfer and readmit students: a minimum of a one semester gap in college attendance is required
  • Bachelor’s degree holders are not eligible for this initiative

Ready to begin?

Please contact the Office of Admissions & Recruitment at Medgar Evers College:

T: 718-270-6024

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