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Dean’s Message

Message from the Dean

The liberal arts have a rich history and remain a foundation of basic and applied education. “Liberal” implies a “broad stroke” (as she applied a liberal amount of icing to her chocolate cake) as well as promoting freedom (“liberate”) in both thought and action. It is the opposite not simply of “conservative” (in the well-used political sense) but primarily of “restrictive” or “parochial” and it is because of this meaning that many, particularly those who wish not to venture beyond familiar borders, are afraid of it. It is our hope that the School, while respecting the past, will facilitate all constituents’ stretching the envelope and thinking outside of the box, the basic themes of creative growth.

The School offers two Associates of Arts degrees, one in English and one in Liberal Arts. There are six Baccalaureate degrees offered: Psychology, Social Work, Fine Arts, English, Religious Studies and Liberal Studies, with a concentration in History, Geography or Political Science. Course work in other areas, such as Anthropology, Sociology, Philosophy, World Languages, Music and Dance can also be found in the ensuing descriptions of their Departments.