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Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences introduces students to cultures and societies around the world. We are a multi-disciplinary social science department. We offer courses in Anthropology, Geography, History, Sociology, Political Science, and social science. Our faculty are internationally-recognized experts in these disciplines, with particular strength in social science research related to communities in central Brooklyn.

The mission of the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences is to equip under-represented students of central Brooklyn and beyond with the knowledge and skills to pursue graduate studies and career options in the process of becoming lifelong learners and change agents in their communities and the global society.

We offer the Associate of Art (AA) in Liberal Arts and the Bachelor of Art (BA) in Liberal Studies degrees. Students in our programs learn to think critically about the histories and geographies of cultures and societies, both in the United States and around the world. Our degrees prepare students for entry-level positions and graduate education in the social sciences, as well as for careers in related fields like education and law. Our students prepare for careers through fieldwork, service learning, study abroad, and internships with non-profit, government, and private-sector employers throughout the New York metropolitan region.