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English Department

The English Department is a community of teachers, scholars, and writers whose primary mission is to offer students an outstanding liberal arts education and the values of intellectual rigor and critical inquiry in an increasingly globalized and highly technological information-based society. The Department offers courses for the English major and composition and literature courses in the general education curriculum. Students may pursue a baccalaureate degree in English, an associate degree in English, and an associate degree in African Diaspora Literature. Students pursuing the BA Degree must participate in an internship related to their concentration. All students must select a faculty mentor to serve as their mentor/advisor for the writing of a thesis or significant writing project in their area of concentration. At the end of these programs, students will be able to seek employment in diverse fields such a teaching, publishing, professional writing, and public relations and will also be prepared to undertake graduate studies in a range of professions including law, business, medicine, and creative writing.

Susan Fischer
Department of English, Acting Chair

Dr. Susan Fischer
1650 Bedford Avenue – B-1015A
Brooklyn, NY 11225