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Mass Communication , Creative & Performing Arts & Speech Department

The Department of Mass Communications, Creative and Performing Arts & Speech is an academic department in the School of Liberal Arts and Education at Medgar Evers College. It provides a wide range of interdisciplinary courses in the visual, sound and performance media (art, music, speech, radio, video, TV, film, dance, acting and theater arts).

New global and innovative material and pedagogies are used to prepare the learner for quality futuristic experiences. Equally important, new technologies are an integral part of the learner’s experience. The curriculum offered is structured to allow students to select or follow a course of study in a particular subject area or to diversify.

In addition to the course offerings, the Department has planned enrichment activities for learners in laboratories, internships, gallery visits, exhibitions, workshops, seminars, and performances. The Department produces its own collaborative performances in an extravaganza called Arts Alive. During the summer there is a 9-week concert series, Jazzy Jazz.

Furthermore, it provides a forum for national and international visits, exchanges and performances. The fundamental concepts and terminology of the department’s offerings also provide education that is sensitive to the cultures of a variety of peoples. Other opportunities for learner development are provided through networking, membership in professional associations, groups, and societies.