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The Medgar Evers College Writing Center will operate in person with some virtual and after-hour sessions.  The Writing Center provides a broad range of tutoring services and computer-assisted instruction for students to improve their writing. Our tutors serve as writing coaches and are trained to help students improve their writing across all disciplines. The goal of the Writing Center is to offer writing skills to students. If your professor refers you for tutoring/coaching or if you think you need to improve your writing skills, we use Zoom to connect with us.

If you are on campus, you can also drop in during our walk-in hours, 10:00AM – 5:00PM.

We recommend you to self-schedule an appointment using the student Navigate App or logging into the EAB Navigate system at

We are available on campus Monday – Thursday and Friday virtually. Call to schedule an appointment for tutoring using the Navigate App or calling us at 718-270-6953 or 718-270-5138. We are located on the first floor of the Library (in the back right hand corner) in Room B-1045A.



How does this work?
Step 1 Sign in at the desk, then into EAB Navigate We want to be able to follow up with you and send alerts of upcoming workshops
Step 2 Let your tutor/the staff know you are here Walk-in/Appointment Scheduled/ Email Notification for cancellations.
Step 3 Email tutor to introduce yourself and include the purpose of your email Attachments with zero content get deleted, offer the instructor’s assignment description and provide any drafts
Step 4 Email drafts/documents to tutor Sending documents in advance of tutoring sessions is expected
Step 5 Use personal earbuds/headphones to minimize background noise Others are occupying the space with you, be courteous
Step 6 Be an active listener and contributer in your session Tutors are not your personal editors, they’ll offer skills and instruction
Step 7 Determine if your scheduling a follow up session us beneficial Tutors and staff have in-person and virtual hours
Step 8 Check out Appreciate your tutor, find out about upcoming Writing Workshops


For administrative issues, you may contact the Writing Center Co-Coordinators , Prof. Mirlaine Docteur or Prof. Daniel Molina

External links supported by the Medgar Evers Writing Center, and free to you:

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