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Male Development And Empowerment Center

The History of the Male Development and Empowerment Center

The Male Development & Empowerment Center was established in the year 2000 with the purpose of increasing the male student population at Medgar Evers College. Across the United States, higher education has experienced a crisis in male participation. Medgar Evers College became one of the first institutions in the nation to positively and proactively attempt to recruit, retain, and graduate male students. Every year since 2000, the male population has increased, and more male students have graduated. The Male Development & Empowerment Center has been a part of this successful trend.

Male Development & Empowerment Center’s Five Pillars

  • Connection Hub: MDEC serves the purpose of providing a venue for male students to connect, become involved and develop into leaders and advocates for the needs, issues, and concerns of male students within the campus community and beyond.
  • Career Awareness and Readiness: MDEC provides extensive support for the development and implementation of student career plans.
  • Civic Education and Engagement: MDEC seeks to build an increased level of appreciation for civic engagement.
  • College Preparation and Achievement: MDEC conducts College Readiness that includes: mathematics assistance, writing assistance, life skills development, and higher education planning.
  • Communication and Research Platform: MDEC host conferences and other gatherings to develop and share effective strategies that promote the development and empowerment of urban males.

How does the Center operate?

  • MDEC Academic Support Center (ASC) offers peer-to-peer and cohort tutoring, assistance in study and test-taking skills, time management, workshops on research involvement, and scholarships awareness workshops. MDEC ASC holds discussion groups, review sessions, and workshops for students in specific courses or areas of study. The tutoring staff includes peer tutors chosen for academic excellence in their chosen fields.
  • MDEC Center for Civic and Community Engagement (CCE) encourages students to get involved through working relationships with the school and the community. Emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community, instilling a sense of civic responsibility in students and empowering them to make a difference by staying informed and taking action.
  • MDEC Fitness and Wellness Club (FWC) enhances the student learning experience by providing fitness, nutrition, and mental health programs. Collaborate with services and facilities that promote healthy lifestyles, build community and foster student success. MDEC FWC works with the athletic department to utilize their facilities, hold group discussions about fitness and health. The program is run by a certified trainer, a nutritionist, and student leaders.
  • MDEC Center for Art and Cultural Expressions (ACE) provides students with various outlets to express themselves through Art and Culture. ACE collaborates internally and externally to expose students to multiple forms of cultural and artistic expressions like poetry, music, literature, debate, dance, etc. and encourages students to become self-aware of their own culture and enhance cultural diversity.

Male Development & Empowerment Center Current Activities

  • Tutoring (One-on-One & Small Group)
  • Culturally Competent Peer to Peer Mentoring
  • Monthly Barbershops
  • Study Skill, Test-Taking Technique and Time Management Workshop
  • Research and Scholarship Awareness Workshop
  • Supplementary Academic Advisement
  • Essay, Resume and Personal Statement Writing Workshop
  • Voting Awareness Campaign
  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Book Club and Fair
  • Music, Poetry, Literature and Debate Club
  • Fitness and Wellness Club