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Caribbean Research Center

The Caribbean Research Center is an integral academic component of Medgar Evers College, The City University of New York. It was established in September, 1985 to address the needs and achievements of the rapidly growing Caribbean segment of the New York State population.

Through its research efforts, the Center provides a multidisciplinary understanding of the New York social environment, the diverse social, cultural and economic characteristics of the Caribbean-American community and a comparative analysis of the immigration experience of this community in the context of the wider Caribbean Diasporas in the Americas and Europe. Its work focuses primarily on English-speaking, Haitian, Dominican and South/Central American Caribbean coast communities. It therefore offers a scholarly perspective on the challenges and successes of Caribbean immigrants and their impact on the Diaspora environments in which they live, as well as the Caribbean region as a whole.

The Center conducts its research under the following heads: Social Adjustment, Economic Development, Health, Education, Political Behavior, Youth and Gender Relations. Its work is coordinated through four units: Research and Documentation; Education, Language and Curriculum Development; Publications and Conferences; Global Development and Community Outreach.



A Journal of the Caribbean and Its Global Diasporas

Call for Papers

Wadabagei: A Journal of the Caribbean and its Global Diasporas is pleased to announce a call for papers and welcomes submissions from a wide range of disciplines with as wide methodological orientations for its regular issue.

Wadabagei is committed to facilitating the exchange of ideas among Caribbean intellectuals and Caribbeanists worldwide. It is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal that publishes scholarly articles, occasional creative works and book reviews from diverse fields, including social sciences, humanities, religion, and the arts. Wadabagei places special emphasis on the adjustment and acculturation of Caribbean immigrants to North America but also explores the Caribbean experience throughout the Caribbean Basin and in all geographic locations where Caribbean peoples have settled.

Wadabagei is a Garifuna name for the conch shell which is frequently used for a wake-up call in Caribbean villages and to announce community gatherings. It also symbolizes the historic call to action by Caribbean and Central American peoples’ struggling for self-expression and self-determination.

While all abstracts that fall under the general scope of the journal are welcome, we are particularly interested in collaborative research for this issue. Collaborations between scholars, reseachers, and/or faculty from various regions as well as faculty and student collaborations are encouraged. Book review essays on works falling under the scope of interest are also welcome.

Publishing Language:

The major publishing language is English. However, contributions in other languages are acceptable when also presented in English.


All contributions must include a cover letter stating: your name, current affiliation, location, e-mail address, title of your contribution, the originality of your contribution, that your contribution is not under consideration anywhere, and that you wish to publish in Wadabagei: A Journal of the Caribbean and its Global Diasporas. Abstract proposals must be submitted to the Caribbean Research Center at Medgar Evers College (CRC) at as a MS word document in Times New Roman typeface via an email attachment. ‘Wadabagei Abstract’ must be included in the subject line of the email.

Dates and Deadlines: Please submit your abstract by or before May 31, 2019. If accepted, full papers are due by or before August 31, 2019.

Contact Email: Call For Papers-Wadabagei