Thank you for taking the time to visit the People’s Police Academy (PPA) website, a space that was uniquely designed to provide you with a glimpse of some amazing work that is taking place in your community or one near you. We are excited, and believe you will be too, with the opportunity to bring together local residents and merchants, civic and religious leaders, elected officials, law enforcement and youth, to discuss, dialogue and address a wide range of public health and safety issues.

The work of the PPA begins with the task of conducting comprehensive community mapping and assessment, followed by community engagement. It requires many, many hours of participatory action research relationship development, participation in community events, face to face interviews, circulation of surveys and much more, all for the sole purpose of documenting the expressed needs of the communities we serve.

Our core belief is that public safety is a shared responsibility and it is essential that both those who live and work in the community, call it their home and are equipped to support and collaborate with each other to create an environment that is safe, vibrant and prosperous for all of its occupants. We pledge to do our part and urge you to do yours to ensure that together we become the change we want to see.

Please join us as we present to you the PPA Communiversity.


The People’s Police Academy (PPA) is a non-profit, community-based and lead, training, education, research, and direct service organization established in the spirit of collaboration, with community leaders, law enforcement, local business merchants, youth and civic and faith leaders. It was designed to create a platform that brings all members of the community together to co-create public safety, build trust and cohesion and commit to better understand the role that each of us plays in supporting safe, healthy communities. Our theme: public safety is a shared responsibility.

PPA logoOver an 18-month period in 2016-17, the PPA underwent a comprehensive planning process that involved community asset mapping, town hall meetings, and the distribution and collection of surveys in each of NYC’s five boroughs. This process made it possible for PPA members and law enforcement to hear the concerns and challenges directly from the community and utilize this vital information to design curricula and the infrastructure for the training the PPA would provide.

The PPA is now being incubated in the Dubois-Bunche Center for Public Policy at the historic Medgar Evers College (MEC) in the City University of New York, where students, faculty, community service providers and others are part of the infrastructure of the organization. PPA’s service network offers bridge for students interested in public safety to access education, internships and employment opportunities in the criminal justice disciplines in New York City.

Medgar Evers College’s mission to serve the local communities in Brooklyn and beyond, is complimented by the PPA’s local problem solving approach, because its efforts directly contribute to the engagement of students, faculty and local residents and contributes to the improvement of public safety, and the overall quality of life in Crown Heights where the college is located. The success of the PPA is of significant importance to all who cherish peace, prosperity and public safety.


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