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Performance Management Process

The Performance Management Process is the University’s mechanism for ensuring clarity about University and college priorities and expectations for the year; recognizing and acknowledging progress at all levels; uniting a diverse set of colleges into an integrated University; ensuring University’s Master Plan guides the plans and priorities of the colleges while each retains its own identity, mission, and governance; and introducing and ensuring more accountability into the system.

The PMP has nine objectives:

  1. Strengthen CUNY flagship and college priority programs, and continuously update curricula and program mix
  2. Attract and nurture a strong faculty that is recognized for excellent teaching, scholarship and creative activity
  3. Ensure that all students receive a solid general education and effective instruction, particularly in the first 60 credits of study
  4. Increase retention and graduation rates
  5. Improve post-graduate outcomes
  6. Improve quality of student academic support services
  7. Increase or maintain access and enrollment; facilitate movement of eligible students to and among CUNY campuses
  8. Increase revenues and decrease expenses
  9. Improve administrative services

For more information, contact Ms. Valerie L. Acham, Senior Associate Director of Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Institutional Assessment and PMP Campus Liaison at

CUNY Performance Goals and Targets