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Counseling and Advisement


SEEK Counselors at Medgar Evers College aim to holistically support their students’ success in academic, financial, and personal/psychosocial aspects. 

Academic Support

  • Consistent Guidance: Students have opportunities to connect with a counselor from the summer before their freshman year until graduation. They receive individual advisement tailored to their personal, academic, and career plans. 
  • Weekly Contact with Counselors: Students enroll in courses like “Transition from High School to College” and “Advanced Career Planning” to help them navigate their academic journey. 
  • Tutoring Facilitation: SEEK students have a dedicated coordinator who ensures that they receive necessary individual or group tutoring scheduled according to students’ availability.
  • Peer Mentor Program: Students are paired with a high performing student who has already completed their first year of college. 
  • Research and Scholarly Activities: Students engage in activities that prepare them for graduate school and leadership roles.

Financial Support 

  • Financial Planning and Budgeting: Students take a course that reviews the basics of how to manage personal finances and budget effectively. 
  • Resource Information: Students receive information about financial aid resources and updates regarding scholarships and financial aid changes. 

Personal/Mental Health Support 

  • Courses Available Only to SEEK Students: Students can enroll in “Development of Self-Concept” and/or “Achievement Motivation” which focus on personal growth and understanding how personal stories impact college and life success.
  • Mentorship: Students may view their counselors as mentors, working closely to determine how best to achieve their life goals.  These relationships often extend beyond graduation. 
  • Personal Counseling: Students engage in conversations about their personal well-being in SEEK courses and privately with their counselor.  When requested, students will be provided with additional mental health resources. 
  • Community and Celebratory Events: Students are celebrated several times during the academic year.  Activities include barbeques, day trips, and our annual semi-formal award ceremony, fostering a sense of community and marking academic milestones.

SEEK Wellness Resources




Mental Health Resources

In crisis text line – Text CUNY to 741741