Academic Advising Center logoOur Motto–“Preparation, Professionalism, and Dedication”— reinforces our intrusive advisement methodology that provides for initial review, follow-up, continued outreach and appropriate interventions to cultivate students’ academic progress and success.

Preparation: Through advocacy, we will reinforce the college’s mission to provide essential academic knowledge and skills for entry into graduate or professional schools and the global workforce.

Professionalism: Through engagement in the shared relationship that defines the academic advising partnership at Medgar Evers College, students will experience an increased level of confidence in our proficiency and services provided.

Dedication: Through ongoing advising, support, and academic rigor we will guide our students from inception into the Academic Advising Center to graduation.

In addition to our motto, the Academic Advising Center’s logo is a symbol of our dedication to our students. We are committed to enduring efforts to advocate, motivate, and empower students to academic success.

The shield is outlined with our school colors. The College’s logo is at the core of the shield as a reminder of our commitment to MEC’s legacy and the overall mission of the college.

The wreath of ivy indicates academic achievement and fidelity as we continuously collaborate with academic departments to guide our students through academia.

The graduate symbolizes our students’ fortitude and achievement.