Television Studio

MEC-TV is an all-in-one video and television production studio at Medgar Evers College-the City University of New York in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Whether producing a single-camera production or a multi-camera production, MEC-TV is equipped to handle a variety of production needs.


  • Studio Size (have to get the sq. x sq.)
  • Black, blue, and green curtains for special “screen” effects
  • Ideas for interviews, podcasts, short-form performances, and more


  • Studio A/V monitoring system
  • Digital video switcher for up to six (6) inputs, video capture and overlay, and live graphics
  • Recording and playback capabilities 
  • Three (3) SONY HXR-NX 100 HD studio camera(s)
  • Two (2) SONY HXR-NX 100 HD field camera(s)
  • Teleprompter


  • Sound mixer and microphone options (boom, handhelds, and lavaliers (wired and wireless))


  • Gels
  • Portable lights
  • Strand lighting board