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Presidential Transition Team

July 1, 2021

In-keeping with CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez’s plan, a Presidential Transition Team (PTT) has been created. 

The primary purpose of the PTT is to advise and support President Ramsey in experiencing a welcoming, informed, and effective presidential transition. PTT members will work closely with President Ramsey to facilitate her learning about institutional culture, key relationships (both internally and externally), and institutional opportunities and challenges. The PTT will advise and support the President as important plans of action are developed and implemented, specifically related to (1) the types of engagements, activities and structures needed to advance the President’s priorities, (2) informing the President as to whether priorities and messages are understood by the campus, and (3) assisting in identifying appropriate stakeholders who will receive and share information. The PTT is a 10-month commitment from June 2021 until her inauguration in April of 2022. 

We value and appreciate the many contributions, knowledge, and experiences of the MEC community, and throughout the course of this important work, the PTT may reach out to members of the MEC community for assistance with data gathering, acquiring stakeholder feedback, and beginning the process of establishing a feasible strategic plan for the College. 

We are deeply grateful to the following individuals for their willingness and commitment to support the new President in this detailed and important work over the coming months. 

Presidential Transition Team

  • Brenda Greene, Professor of English and Executive Director, Center for Black Literature, Co-Chair 
  • Kimberly D. Whitehead, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Chief of Staff, Co-Chair and Institutional Liaison 
  • Michael Beal, CEO of Data Capital Management, Medgar Evers College Foundation Board Chair 
  • Waleek Boone, Associate Director, Transition Academy 
  • Jacqueline Clark, Senior Vice President for Business and Finance 
  • Maria DeLongoria, Associate Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences 
  • Marsha Escayg, Director, Alumni Relations 
  • Brittany Lugo, Student Government Association, President Elect 
  • Alexis McLean, Interim Dean of Student Affairs 
  • Giulia Prestia, Associate Director, External Communications and College Relations 
  • Paul Xu, IT 
  • Muriel Howard, Consultant, Academic Search 
  • Maya Kirkhope, Consultant, Academic Search 
  • President Patricia Ramsey, ex-officio 

We will provide periodic updates on the work of the PTT. Again, we want to extend our thanks to the members of the PTT for their generosity of spirit and willingness to help welcome and orient President Ramsey and her family into our community.