Facilities Management

Facilities Management, Campus Planning & Operations reporting to the Vice President of Administration and Finance, is responsible for the direction, planning, coordination, maintenance, capital improvements and administration of the campus buildings, infrastructure, and grounds. The office is comprised of three direct reporting units to keep the buildings and grounds running and the necessary improvements:

Buildings & Grounds
Cory Wright, Chief Administrative Superintendent
This unit is responsible for the cleaning, preservation, maintenance, repairs, event set-ups, and alterations of the College’s physical plant, environment, and grounds. Eleven professional trades, custodians, and office staff work to provide a clean, safe, accessible, and sustainable environment to enhance learning, teaching, and research.

Campus Planning & Construction Management
Eric Wright, Project Manager
The professional staff, which usually includes a Construction Project Manager, Property Coordinator, and an Office Assistant, is responsible for short and long-range planning, capital construction, funding requests, and in-house renovations. Currently over $83 million in capital projects in the programming, design, or construction phases; numerous in-house projects are also underway to bring this campus to a state-of-the-art facility.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHSO)
Mohamed Bangura, Environmental Health & Safety Officer
EHSO is responsible for providing a healthy and safe environment using federal, state, and city regulations as guidelines on environmental, occupational health, and safety issues, and achieved through facility audits, investigations, training programs, and educating the community.

1150 Carroll Street
Suite M-20
Brooklyn, NY 11225
T. 718-270-6123
F. 718-804-8230

To report facilities related emergencies such as elevator problems, power outage, flooding, and leaks, please call Building & Grounds at 718-270-6123, during our business hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Any other times, please call Public Safety at 718-270-6003.

Fire-Police-EMS 911

MEC Public Safety Main number 718-270-6003
Public Safety Office 718-270-6069

Public Safety Desks (24/7)

Carroll Street 718-270-6003
Bedford Building 718-270-4998
S-Building 718-270-5030
AB1 718-270-1900
Eastern Parkway 718-270-8888

Facilities (Normal Business Hours)
Buildings & Grounds 718-270-6123
Environmental, Health & Safety Office 718-270-6216
Facilities (Heat & AC only – 24/7)
Engineer Office

Our Mission

Provide environments that enhance learning, teaching, and research.

Facilities Stats

Building . Grounds . Master Plans

Master Plan, 1995
Approved: 576,747 NASF
Existing: 311,126 NASF


1 Parking lots 4
2 Plazas 4
3 Total acreage 7.4


1 4 Owned 547,125
2 14 Portables 17,262
3 1 Leased 11,067


Building & Grounds

Campus Planning and Construction

Environmental Health & Safety Office

To expedite the process for any office move, please use the Office Move Request Form which is designed to help ensure that transitions are accomplished in the most efficient way possible:

  • All office spaces and their occupants are accounted for accurately
  • Directory contacts reflect moves
  • Electronic equipment is tracked for maintenance & service
  • Information about space needs is up to date

About the move process

After receiving your request, a Campus Planning staff member will survey the space to ensure it complies with space policies. Simultaneously, IT will be surveying for electrical equipment.needs.

Once the move is approved by the Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management and the Chief Information Officer, a work order will be issued to Buildings and Grounds, and you will be notified of the time and date of the move.

Finally, information obtained from this form will be shared with Property Management to help track equipment for servicing or maintenance The Directory will be updated, as well as the occupant database for analysis of space needs.

Final note

All personnel that have recently moved without all specified approvals are required to complete and submit this form. A staff member from Campus Planning and IT may revisit the space for assessment. Submit an Office Move Request OFFICE MOVE REQUEST

1150 Carroll Street


Make sure to include the following information:

  • Problem or Service location
    • Building
    • Floor
    • Room/Suite Number or Grounds
  • Brief Description of Issue/Request

For general inquiries please send us an email: Facilitym@mec.cuny.edu
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Have a Problem?

Send us an email to: FacilityM@mec.cuny.edu

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