Facilities Management, Campus Planning & Operations

Thomas Ching, Assistant Vice President Reporting to the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the AVP serves as the College's senior executive responsible for the direction, planning, coordination, maintenance, capital improvements and administration of the campus buildings, infrastructure and grounds. This 24/7/365 department is comprised of three direct reporting units to keep the buildings and grounds running and the necessary improvements:

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Emergency Numbers

To report facilities related emergencies such as elevator problems, power outage, flooding, and leaks, please call Building & Grounds at 718-270-6123, during ou r business hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Any other times, please call Public Safety at 718-270-6003.

MEC Public Safety
Public Safety Office
Public Safety Desks (24/7)
     Carroll Street
     Bedford Building
     Eastern Parkway
Facilities (Normal Business Hours)
     Buildings & Grounds
     Environmental, Health
         & Safety Office
Facilities (Heat & AC only - 24/7)
     Engineer Office

Operations Guidlines

It is in the best interest of Medgar Evers College that certain policies are in place and followed to insure the healthy, safe, and comfortable educational environment we all share. By adhering to these policies, the College community as a whole can advance in a manner where our continued growth does not overwhelm our services.

No Smoking

There is no smoking allowed in any of our interior facilities. Please be considerate of others by not smoking directly in front of building entrances and/or windows. Second hand smoke is unhealthy. Please properly extinguish and discard all cigarettes and assist us in maintaining a visually pleasing environment.


Please do not remove furniture from classrooms. Current seating is adequate for students and disturbing this will leave subsequent classes with insufficient amounts. If an instructor finds they are short seats, contact the Registrar Office. Facilities Management will temporarily supply additional seating but this may not solve the problem with class size.


Consumption of Food/Drink is encouraged in the designated areas. It is highly discouraged elsewhere.

Restricted Areas

Certain areas of our facility have been designated as mechanical, telephone, electrical, and roof tops. These areas are prohibited to public access and are only to be frequented by trained Facilities Management staff for obvious safety reasons.

Surface Structure

We highly discourage postings of any kind on walls, doors, etc. Please use designated bulletin boards for notices that are approved by the appropriate staff. For signage please consult your Area Head. The use of tape damages the paint on our walls and increases repair costs and when removed looks visually unappealing.


Departments are responsible for procurement of furniture, rugs, bulletin boards, wall shelving, and coat racks for their own infrastructure support.

Building Structure

Work requiring modification of the building structure such as installation of walls and doors require approval of Campus Planning as well as Facilities Management for NYC code compliance.

Space Access

College policy states that ALL space on campus must be accessible through the use of a college Master Key. Non college locks are NOT allowed.

Have a Problem?

Send us an email to: FacilityM@mec.cuny.edu