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Collection Agency

Medgar Evers College turns all student accounts that are delinquent for more than one term over to a CUNY designated Collection Agency. Before this occurs, the College will bill a student multiple times reminding them of their obligation. In addition, the College will bill a student immediately prior to sending the account to collection to arrange for payment by a particular date.

Once a student’s account has been remitted to a Collection Agency it CANNOT be settled at the College. The student will be required to pay the Collection Agency directly. The amount due to the Collection Agency will include their original debt with the College and fees of 14% or more of the balance due the College.

If you have a BIC stop on your student account, your debt is with CUNY’s primary Collection Agency and you should contact:

ICR – Immediate Credit Recovery, Inc.

If you have a BAZ stop on your student account, your debt is with CUNY’s secondary Collection Agency and you should contact:

ACT – Account Control Technology, Inc.