What are the distinctive strengths of the B.F.A. at Medgar Evers College?
In this 21st century, Media and Performing Arts are inexplicitly interwoven. The interdisciplinary nature of course offerings ensure the need for the merging of traditional and contemporary bodies of knowledge.

Who makes up your faculty?
Our faculty profiles include five persons in the professoriate with expertise in the Arts and Media. Additionally, the lecturers include a concert flutist, a speech theater expert, a jazz ensemble specialist, choral directors, experts in applied music, music history and theory and a computer graphics and design expert.

What facilities are available to B.F.A. students?
We have the most current state-of-the-arts digital radio and television technology on campus.

Is it OK if I don’t have experience in all forms of arts that are studied in the program?
Yes, the program is designed to broaden your experiences and skills in order to prepare you for a successful career in the arts.

Can I choose a specialty within the B.F.A. degree?
Yes, while the concentration is singularly Media and the Performing Arts, you will be taking a substantial number of credits in a primary field of study.

What institutions have relationships with the Department of Mass Communications where I can do internships?
Our internship sites include but are not limited to: Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Local Art Galleries, Lincoln Education Program, Local Dance Studios and companies, Jazzy Jazz, BRIC, among others.

What types of employment opportunities and graduate schools may be available upon graduation?
The B.F.A. is a professional degree hence graduates are prepared to enter in the workplace with marketable skills. There is no shortage of jobs in media, the arts and technology in New York City and State. A review of the jobs and projections indicate that employment in the fields the B.F.A. will only increase as new technologies continue to dominate every aspect of our digital culture. B.F.A. students moving unto graduate school will have choice of Long Island University Media Arts M.F.A. program, among others.

What range of salary is available for jobs that are accessible with a B.F.A. degree?
The average salary for graduates in the areas of Media Arts is $48,265 to $125,780, and in Theater Arts $51,830 to $152,180 and the Performing Arts $35,680 to $111,340 with under five years of experience, as cited in the New York City and State Labor projections.