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Center for Cognitive Development

Expanding special education practice to research on brain-related disorders and their impact on learning and development is an academic target for the Department of Developmental and Special Education, as it will identify and address some of learning and experiential challenges faced by students, as well as provide ongoing intervention and support systems to increase retention and graduation rates. The Center for Cognitive Development is a key support area for this department through clinical and educational testing, research, family and teacher resources, and student-centered intervention components.  The Center for Cognitive Development will serve as a research-based repository of resources for all stakeholders involved in the education of culturally and linguistically diverse populations: researchers, policy-makers, school leaders, teachers, parents and students. The Center will serve all academic departments within the School of Education as well as feeder programs and other educational initiatives undertaken by the College, including the MEC Pipeline Initiative. Led by Dr. Ken J. Hoyte, a faculty member with a PhD in Neuroscience, the Center will promote innovative research focused on the many variables that impact learning among culturally and linguistically diverse populations and will provide a variety of services and resources aimed at improving educational outcomes.