The Creative Services team produces graphic designs for College campaigns, social media, brochures, campus events, and reports. We also maintain college branding and design standards and oversee the content of the digital monitors on campus.

*Please note: Creative Services manages the design of information displayed on the digital monitors on campus. For technical issues or maintenance of those monitors, please contact James McNeil

To get started on a graphic design, please email and include the following information:

  • A brief description of the event or information being shared
  • Graphic design treatment ideas
  • Date, time, and location
  • Names of sponsoring departments
  • Logo/branding
  • Where graphics will be used (website, email, social media, digital monitors, etc.)

Requests that include an outside company, vendor, guest speakers, and logos must be submitted as vector-based high-resolution graphics to maintain quality. No Google-searched images will be accepted.

** Requests must be received at least two weeks before you plan to start promoting your event.  Conferences, month-long events, and multi-layered projects must be received three months before.  Please put all graphic design needs in your initial request.

Branding and Logos

Our brand is our voice as a College. Our chosen images reflect it and how we present ourselves across the College’s communications and marketing channels.

We have developed the MEC Style Guide to encourage consistency in the College’s graphic identity. The book provides rules and standards for incorporating our brand into various projects. Please take a look at the style guide for content created outside of this office.

Print and Digital Communications

We produce all printed marketing materials for the academic schools, the College’s programs, and administrative divisions. This area maintains college branding and design standards for print and digital marketing. For printing services, please get in touch with Reprographics.

To get started on a project, please email David Gil De Rubio to begin the copyediting process. Once the documents are approved, creative services will begin the layout and design of your project.

You can visit our resources page for promotional tools and additional guides.