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Chemistry and Environmental Science

Matriculating through the Environmental Science Baccalaureate of Science program enables one to attain a rigorous and quantitative experience in the liberal arts and subcomponents of Environmental Science – through student-centered teaching and research. Students are expected to maintain a GPA of 3.0 (or higher), partake in at least 2 summer research internships, at least 1 international academically-related experience, and publish at least 2 manuscripts, such that they are optimally competitive for the global professional market after graduating. Within this context our department is committed to imparting a diverse intellectual journey and fostering students to become highly analytical.

The liberal arts and environmental sciences emphasizes the dynamically-changing global state of biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science, environmental science, and general education through a broad array of select courses. ENVS courses are highlighted by a required semester internship (e.g., with MTA, DEP/DEC, DOH etc.,) and Capstone. The ENVS program places heavy emphasis on wet chemical and analytical practices, air quality and climate, environmental law, toxicology, epidemiology, water chemistry, and waste management.

Our department has research expertise in numerical-modeling of planetary atmospheres, indoor/outdoor health, and renewable and sustainable energy. These activities range from measuring field and laboratory analysis of potentially toxic substances (e.g., heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, air pollutants, etc.,) – to quantifying chemical cycles of Solar and Extrasolar System bodies that govern atmospheric composition and stability – to producing energy efficient liquid hydro-fuels from waste – to improving on energy efficiency of batteries. These research activities not only incorporates collaborations from internal/external Medgar Evers College faculty/students but also K-12 teachers and students in NYC, one of the primary focuses of the Medgar Evers College’s Pipeline Initiative.

A testament to this mission is our department’s successful track record in placing graduates in post-undergraduate professional programs, the private and government sectors. Graduates have been placed in chemistry, dentistry, environmental health, civil and environmental science and engineering, forensic science, public health, and science education professional programs. Alumni are employed in the public and private sectors, including chemical and pharmaceutical industries, Department of Education, Department of Transportation, and government and regulatory/safety agencies. Additional careers that Environmental Science BS majors can pursue are: environmental engineering, environmental scientist/specialist, occupational health and safety specialist, public health engineer, environmental science and protection technician, and environmental science and/or engineering professor/teacher.

Department Of Chemistry and Environmental Science
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