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Public Administration

The mission of the Department of Public Administration is to prepare students to be highly trained and informed leaders and managers in a rapidly changing society.  Students receive in-depth training in different concentrations that allows them to be creative thinkers, change-agents and problem-solvers needed to serve efficiently in the government, non-profit, and corporate arenas.

About the Department of Public Administration

The Department of Public Administration is committed to conducting a current, relevant, and exciting course of study that trains students to:

  1. Understand how public policy is developed and executed;
  2. Develop structures that respond to managerial, political, legal, and ethical concerns;
  3. Successfully fill high quality professional management careers in the public sector, nonprofit sector, local and international arenas as well as governmental/community affairs units in private organizations; and
  4. Prepare students for graduate and professional studies.

The Department is the only 1 out of 75 academic programs in the country to offer an undergraduate degree in Public Administration. The Department offers a Bachelor of Science degree, an Associate of Science degree, and a minor.

The Public Administration concentrations in the Bachelor of Science Program include:

  1. Public Policy – Students in the Public Policy concentration are trained to analyze, develop, and implement public policies that address political, economic, and social needs.
  2. Public Sector Management – This concentration prepares students for managerial and leadership roles in government agencies at each level of government.
  3. Non-Profit Administration – This concentration prepares students for managerial and leadership roles in the ever-expanding non-profit sector.
  4. Urban Administration – This concentration is essential to students considering careers in community development, local government, and urban planning.
  5. International Administration – Designed for students seeking careers in foreign policy, the Foreign Service, international organizations, or multinational enterprises. This concentration is an ideal opportunity for individuals transitioning from domestic employment to international employment.
  6. Criminal Justice – This concentration prepares students to reach beyond the current intellectual and cultural views of crime prevention, criminal law, imprisonment, recidivism, and rehabilitation to deliver fresh ideas both in the US and abroad.
  7. General – Students may complete courses in different areas of concentration to develop a “generalist”perspective in public administration.

The Public Administration program offers a strong foundation in public managerial theory and practice, public service, public policy, international administration, ethics, and information technology.  Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to understand and critically analyze past, present and future trends in Public Administration and how public policy and programs can change the world.

Academic Standards

Students in the Department are expected to pass Public Administration required core courses with a grade of “C” or better. For graduation, a student must have a minimum index of 2.0 in his/her major.