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How To File A Formal Complaint

Any person may file a formal complaint against any active or perspective Medgar Evers College student or organization for alleged violations of University policy, occurring either on or off campus. Complaints may be originated by students, faculty, staff, University departments and individuals external to the University.

Please note:

Cases of assault, theft, harassment and other serious or immediate issues should be reported to MEC Public Safety in AB-1/C-17 or call (718)270-6068 immediately.

  • Academic Integrity Violations must be reported to the Office of Academic Affairs.


Email Please include:

  • Complainant’s name and phone number
  • Nature and date of alleged violation/behavior
  • Name of person(s)/organization responsible for the alleged violation/behavior
  • Detailed statement of the incident
  • The best time to contact you for more information if needed.

For further information on the Role of the Ombudsman and specific details on a filing a formal complaint, please see link @…..

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