Strategic Planning Updates

Dear Medgar Evers College Community

Thank you for participating in the Strategic Planning Feedback process. Your thoughtful responses and suggestions were helpful in guiding meaningful discussions for the Strategic Planning Committee as we worked collaboratively and diligently to incorporate the campus community’s feedback. We are excited to share the draft Strategic Plan Framework resulting from your feedback and the focused work of the committee, as we continue to chart the pathway for a robust, sustainable and successful future for our college.

Please find the updated components of the revised draft Strategic Plan Framework below:


Original Draft New Mission Statement (December 2022)

Medgar Evers College, a Senior College in the CUNY System and a Predominantly Black Institution, is an urban, culturally diverse institution that transforms lives and increases the social and economic mobility of its students through culturally responsive curricula and innovative pedagogy and programming rooted in social justice and service.

We prepare civically engaged future leaders capable and skilled in challenges that impact people of the African diaspora.

Revised draft new Mission Statement (Spring 2023)

Medgar Evers College, a Predominantly Black Institution and Senior College in The City University of New York, located in vibrant Central Brooklyn, is a culturally diverse institution that increases the social and economic mobility of its students through rigorous curricula and innovative teaching and learning practices rooted in social justice and service.

We graduate capable, civically-engaged leaders who are skilled, and knowledgeable in resolving local, community, and global issues, with a focus on challenges that impact historically under-served populations.


Original draft new Vision Statement (December 2022)

Medgar Evers College will create innovative high-quality pedagogical practices and programs imbued with the philosophy of Social Justice and Equity as exemplified by our namesake Medgar Wiley Evers and by the Founders of the College. The College will produce students knowledgeable in resolving local, community and global issues.

The College will be a national leader in bringing social justice to our work of educating and empowering students, facilitating connections among alumni, faculty, staff, students and engaging our communities as we respond collaboratively to emerging and future opportunities and challenges.

Revised draft new Mission Statement (Spring 2023)

Medgar Evers College will be recognized as a global higher education leader in advancing knowledge, student success and social justice through teaching, academic scholarship, research engagement, student support, service opportunities and talent development.

Strategic Commitments

Original draft of Strategic Commitments
(December 2022)

Revised Strategic Commitments
(Spring 2023)

Curriculum Renewal
Medgar Evers College will renew academic programs and curricula, update current programs and develop new programs, considering the market, employability, currency, and MEC’s social justice, equity, and activist philosophy.

Academic Quality and Student Success
Medgar Evers College will continue to offer high-quality educational programs and student experiences.

Optimize Enrollment
Medgar Evers College will grow enrollment through a focused, comprehensive, and collaborative institution-wide effort to expand and target recruitment and to retain and guide students through graduation.

Enrollment and Graduation
MEC will enhance recruitment, retention, and graduation through comprehensive, collaborative, innovative, and well-focused institution-wide strategies.

Strategic Partnerships
Medgar Evers College will identify existing partnerships and create new ones of strategic value to the college and its students.

Strategic Partnerships
Medgar Evers College will assess existing partnerships and establish new ones that are of strategic value to the college and its students.

Supporting Student Success
Medgar Evers College will develop exceptional Administrative, Academic, and Student Support services and programs in light of their strategic effectiveness and relationship to mission, student success, and institutional needs.

Fiscal Responsibility and Sustainability
Medgar Evers College will continually address its financial position and identify options to ensure long-term viability.