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Graduation Application Checklist

Graduation Checklist

You may also print the checklist here.

A student is eligible to file for graduation pending the following conditions:

  1. Has met with Academic Advisor to review degree audit
  2. Has met the minimum required 2.0 GPA
  3. Has met the minimum required 60 credits (Associates Degree) or 120 credits (Bachelor’s Degree) in a declared curriculum
  4. Has registered for last semester of “Still Needed” courses
  5. Has met the minimum credits of residency needed
  6. Has begun the process to resolve INC grades by the deadline
  7. Has received all necessary waivers and/or substitutions (Must consult with advisor)

If all conditions are met, you will complete a graduation application (PDF) with your advisor. Your completed application will be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for further processing and you will be copied on the communication.