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The mission of the Freshman Year Program (FYP) is to provide a comprehensive guide to being successful in college as well as a foundation to a particular area of study of concentration. It is meant to assist students in developing the confidence and necessary drive and skill set to transition from high school to college, and to complete their course of study in a timely manner.

FYP intends to fulfill this mission via the following goals/objectives:

  1. Demonstration of knowledge of self
  2. Exiting developmental/remedial skills courses
  3. Accumulating 30 credits prior to the start of their second academic year
  4. Demonstrating critical thinking skills
  5. Technological proficiency
  6. Civic engagement
  7. Career orientation
  8. Relating to diversity
  9. Providing students with a smooth transition into their Sophomore Year of College

This culminates into a Freshman Year Experience that integrates and incorporates both academic and non-academic programming that facilitates a socially inclusive and supportive environment to address the social, emotional, and academic needs of our students. The Freshman Year Experience includes two Freshman Seminar Courses.

Freshman Year Program Staff
Name Telephone email Room
Deborah Charles
718-270-4969 dcharles@mec.cuny.edu S-201D
Jane Alexander
Assistant Professor
718-270-4963 jane@mec.cuny.edu S-219A
Cory Brown
718-270-4968 cbrown@mec.cuny.edu S-219B
Gerald White-Davis
718-270-4963 geraldlwd@mec.cuny.edu S-219C
Keshia Graham
718-270-5072 keshia@mec.cuny.edu S-201A
Lystra Huggins
718-270-4971 lhuggins@mec.cuny.edu S-201B
Rita Leocal
718-270-4962 rleocal@mec.cuny.edu S-201C
Andy Rennie
Administrative Program Coordinator
718-270-4960 arennie@mec.cuny.edu S-201

Freshman Year Program
Deborah Charles
1637 Bedford Ave.,
Room S-219B
Brooklyn, NY, 11225