Make a Donation

Cash, Check or Credit Card

You can direct your gift to be used for scholarships, or unrestricted, allowing Medgar Evers College to put your contribution towards the College’s most pressing needs.

Mail checks payable to Medgar Evers College Educational Foundation:

Medgar Evers College
Office of Institutional Advancement
1150 Carroll Street, Rm. 400
Brooklyn NY 11225

Annual Gift

A pledge of a certain amount of money each year to support MEC scholarships.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A gift annuity can provide significant financial benefits to you, while significantly supporting MEC. A creative way to make “a gift of a lifetime” to the college. Certain gifts qualify for legacy naming on our donor wall, or the naming of classrooms on campus.

Named Endowment

A gift substantial enough (minimum $25,000) that, when invested by MEC Educational Foundation, can yield enough income each year to support one or more student scholarships or one or more programs (named by you) each year. This is the way to name a particular scholarship after yourself or a loved one, to fund a particular program in perpetuity or to ensure that MEC has income each year to fund the college’s most pressing needs.

To design the endowment of your choice, contact the Institutional Advancement office at 718-270-5021.


A gift through your will. Leave MEC either a specific dollar amount, a valuable asset, or a percentage of your estate in your will. You may specify how the money is to be spent. Consult your lawyer to add this provision to your will.

IRA Beneficiary Designation

MEC can be a beneficiary of a portion or all of an IRA upon your death. Unlike regular beneficiaries who, upon receipt of your IRA money, must pay income tax that you have deferred, MEC receives your IRA money tax-free! In addition, the money to MEC as beneficiary will by-pass probate proceedings. Talk to your financial advisor or a representative of the institution that holds your IRA to accomplish this since there are nuances they can explain.

Real Estate or Appreciated Stock

A gift of real estate or appreciated stock not only gives MEC an asset to sell for cash to be used for scholarships and other programs, it allows you to avoid the capital gains tax on the sale of the asset and to receive a charitable income tax deduction. Have your lawyer or financial advisor contact the Foundation office at 718-270-5021