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Benefits and Services

Alumni ID

Alumni ID Cards are provided to Graduates of MEC.

The MEC Alumni Card provides the cardholder with the following FREE exclusive benefits:

  • Easy entry to Medgar Evers College Campus
  • Access to the Medgar Evers College Library
  • Access to MEC Career Management Office
  • Invitations to alumni events, on-campus lectures, conferences, and seminars
  • 10% Discount on registration fees for programs offered by Adult and Continuing Education
  • Ability to sign up for MEC Alumni Membership which provides additional benefit and discounts
  • All Medgar Evers College alumni receives a 20% discount on The Career Insider program by GetFive. To learn more, visit and use the promo code: “gocougars”
  • 30% Discount on Bike Rent NYC. Use promo code “mecalum”

We recommend that you acquire a basic Alumni ID card. All alumni are entitled to apply for the basic Alumni ID, the cost is $20 per year annually and for new graduates during the first two years after graduation, the cost is $20 for 2 years. Visit the Office of Alumni Relations to obtain a verification letter and present it to the Campus Security in AB1 Rm. C17.

Students who transferred out or who do not possess a degree from MEC are not eligible to receive an Alumni ID.