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Giving Together Moves Us Forward

Senior Sherifa Clarke

Scholarships provide financial support for students to help pay for college and support their dreams.  MEC Senior Sherifa Clarke said her scholarship from the Community Council for Medgar Evers College was a defining moment.

“Receiving the scholarship was terrific and very important! Being awarded was essential to my study abroad financial planning for the Fall. I was selected as the only CUNY student participating in the Global Block Program organized by CIEE. Naturally, I had concerns that I might not be able to join because it seemed impossibly expensive – tuition, room and board, and living expenses; however, the award took many financial pressures away. Validation is critical as a student advocate; this scholarship is validation that I have done a lot and should continue to do more.  Now, I want other students to have the opportunity to receive the assistance that scholarships can give them.”

Your giving makes student success stories like Sherifa’s possible. Please consider donating to Medgar Evers College’s #CUNYTuesday campaign and support another deserving student.