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Acclaimed artist Otto Neals brings message of ‘being you’ in event at Medgar Evers College

Acclaimed artist Otto Neals, a Crown Heights icon, visited Medgar Evers College on February 26, 2024, with his eclectic art approach already donning the walls on the bottom level of the Charles Evans Inniss Memorial Library.

Mr. Neals impressed many in attendance, including two Brooklyn Recovery Corps interns in the Office of Communications at Medgar Evers College.

Here are their thoughts:

“I really liked the fact that his parents supported his talent. As mentioned in the room, Black parents tend to look down on art as it does not hold value like the other popular careers, such as law, engineering, medicine, and Business. Additionally, I liked his comments on embracing yourself. Regardless of who or what you want to be, people will always try to bring you down. One must believe in themselves to fulfill their dream(s).” — Awa Diallo

“While attending this event I found it very interesting and informative to know that as an artist it is important that you do not give up and continue to work really hard for your dreams. You do not have to conform to what society wants you to do or feel. That you have unlimited freedom to express your emotions whatever way you find is unique to your own individuality. Along with that the process will be difficult but it will teach you how to learn discipline and focus when it comes to choosing your career path. Never let anyone stop you from being you.” — Heaven Barnes

“Today’s event was amazing. I really enjoyed his story and how he transitioned more into his art career. It was really informative and he gave us some really good advice on how to be more consistent with what we want. I really like arts so this event was really great for me to understand what it’s like for an artist and how they were inspired.” — Shanea Grant

Thank you, Mr. Neals, for bringing your arts and experience to campus.

Here are some photos from Monday’s Black History Month event: