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Physics and Computer Science

The mission of the Department is to provide sound general scientific knowledge and rigorous training in Computer Science, Physics, Geosciences and Engineering in preparation for the high-tech and scientific workforce as well as graduate school. The Department makes a significant contribution in bringing about more diversity in Computer Science, Physics and Engineering by supporting both the participation and success of underrepresented minorities in these fields, i.e. underrepresented students from the central Brooklyn community which Medgar Evers College serves. Department Goals

  • To provide a rigorous scientific educational experience, academic support, advisement, mentorship as well as real-world opportunities;
  • To develop in our students high-level skills (e.g. problem solving, analytics reasoning) and communications skills (oral and written presentations);
  • To support undergraduate research and internships, including collaborations with NASA and national research laboratories; and the high-tech workforce

Computer Science Program

The Computer Science curriculum follows the national standards defined by the IEEE/ACM Computing Curriculum.

The Computer Science Programs offers:

  • BS, Computer Science degree with curriculum aligned with the standards of the IEEE/ACM Computing Curriculum
  • AS, Computer Science which fully articulates with the BS degree
  • Minor in Computer Science

Academic Standards

Students in the Department are expected to pass all departmental required courses with a grade of C or better. Students will be required to repeat any course in which a grade of C- or below is received before being permitted to go on to the next course in the sequence.


Department Of Physics and Computer Science

Rosa Zavala, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair
Physics and Computer Science
Room – 503 H, Extension – 6128