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Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


In keeping with the mission of the College and The City University of New York, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will cultivate and promote a culture of academic research in the College and assist the faculty and staff in obtaining external funds in order to develop and maintain faculty and student research which enables the College to navigate into advanced research activities and degree programs, and allows the College to serve the community as a center of knowledge.


Pre-Award: ORSP serves as central research office of the College, assists in strengthening the College’s research infrastructure, coordinates research activities in the College by collaborating with faculty, Departments, Schools, administrative offices and units, and promotes and facilitates in increasing the acquisition of external funds and resources from governmental and private entities.

Post-Award: ORSP servers as the liaison between the College and the Research Foundation of CUNY (RF-CUNY), fiscal agent for externally-funded projects for CUNY. ORSP and RF-CUNY provide support to Project Directors/Principal Investigators to alleviate their administrative burden of operating grant projects, while ensuring compliance to all rules and regulations.


  1. Assist in enhancing awareness of the importance of research in the college community.
  2. Assist faculty, staff and the institution in increasing the acquisition of external funds.
  3. Assist faculty, staff and institution in increasing the number of grant proposals submitted to funding agencies.
  4. Foster effective grant proposal writing by conducting grant writing workshops and providing other relevant training for grant proposal preparation to increase the number of faculty and staff with better knowledge of grant writing.
  5. Negotiate, manage and safeguard grants and contracts the College obtained.
  6. Maintain periodic and systematic records for sponsored activities.
  7. Coordinate research related activities throughout the institution.

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