The Medgar Evers College Faculty Senate is dedicated to actively involve the faculty in developing, examining, and amending from time to time the means for carrying out the mission of the College.

Our goals are to also be innovative in developing new ideas for meeting the ever-changing educational and social needs of the college clientele in accordance with the mission of the College; to strengthen communication and understanding among the faculty, student body, administration, alumni, and surrounding community as they work together on college-wide concerns; to review the policies and decisions of the college-wide committees, the Board of Trustees of CUNY, the local, state, and federal agencies which have jurisdiction over the College; to make recommendations to the appropriate person, body or committee; to effect such activities that would serve to facilitate the professional growth and maintenance of morale of the faculty; and to assert faculty rights and to provide leadership in the academic affairs of the College in areas customarily vested in a college faculty including academic standards and academic freedom as enshrined in the Bylaws of The Board of Trustees of CUNY, AAUP guidelines and other documents. [Adopted 2006]