Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

As Hispanic Heritage Month begins, we celebrate the rich tapestry of Latinx culture, contributions, and resilience. Join us in recognizing the invaluable heritage of our Latinx brothers and sisters.

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National Preparedness Month

Get ahead of the unexpected! Join our National Preparedness Month events and discover essential tips, expert insights, and community connections that will empower you to face emergencies with confidence.

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Fall 2023 Open House

Your future begins here! Don’t miss our Fall 2023 Open House – a perfect chance to chat with advisors, and take the first step towards your future.

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Legends and Legacy Gala & Dinner

Join us for an unforgettable evening at our Gala and Dinner event! Experience elegance and fine dining in the company of friends and supporters.

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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlights

Celebrating the Diverse Talents and Contributions of Our Medgar Evers College Family

David Gil de Rubio

David Gil de Rubio

Meet David

Rosalina Diaz

Rosalina Diaz

Meet Rosalina

Dr. Jessica Rivera

Dr. Jessica Rivera

Meet Jessica

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The first days of an eight day long holiday that marks when ancient Israelites would gather their fall harvest and bring offerings to the Temple in Jerusalem.

Sep 29 - Oct 6
Sun 01

Pitru Paksha or Shraadh

A 16-day period in the Hindu calendar in which ancestors are remembered through the offering of prayers, food and water.

Sep 29 - Oct 14
Sun 01


A festival about forgiveness and compassion.

Sep 29 - Oct 18