Journey to 60

The Degree Breakdown
Students enrolled in Medgar Evers College prior to Fall 2013 may be subjected to a General Education (Non-Pathways) curriculum and students enrolled in Medgar Evers College Fall 2013 and after are subjected to a Common/Flexible Cores (Pathways) curriculum. Below is key information that you should understand, and follow, to ensure that you graduate with a degree from Medgar Evers College. You are required to meet with your Academic Advisor to review your understanding of the require-ments and your academic progress towards graduation. The following breakdown may vary for trans-fer students with prior degrees (please consult advisor) but all students must complete 60 credits of specific coursework to receive an associate’s degree and 120 credits of specific coursework to receive a bachelor’s degree:


Associate’s degree (60 credits)
 GPA of 2.0 (C average) or better
 Minimum C grade in all major required courses
 Completion of the General Education (Gen Ed) or Common and Flexible Cores
 Completion of all Major Requirements
 Requirements for AAS degrees may vary. Please speak with your Academic Advisor.