The Department of Biology offers courses, which are designed for the student who wishes to pursue a career in biology and biology-related fields as well as for the student who desires some general knowledge of biology. The Department also offers courses to meet the degree requirements of programs in other departments of the College.

BIO 101                  Introduction to the Science of Biology

BIO 101                  Introduction to the Science of Biology

BIO 102                  Pre-professional Careers Seminar

BIO 103                  Basic Biology

BIO/BIOL 104      Human Body Structure and Function

BIO 111                  Introduction to Biology

BIO/BIOL 150      Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

BIO/BIOL 151      Anatomy and Physiology of Human Systems I

BIO/BIOL 152      Anatomy and Physiology of Human Systems II

BIO/BIOL 201      General Biology I

BIO/BIOL 201      General Biology I

BIO/BIOL 202      General Biology II

BIO 211                  Biotechnology and Society

BIO/BIOL 251      Human Anatomy and Physiology I

BIO/BIOL 252      Human Anatomy and Physiology II

BIO/BIOL 261      Pathogenic Microbiology and Immunology for Health Professions

BIO/BIOL 302      Genetics

BIO/BIOL 304      Histology

BIO 311                  Research Methods

BIO 312                  Laboratory Instrumentation

BIO 323                  Pathophysiology

BIO/BIOL 331      Immunology

BIO/BIOL 340      Plant Science/Botany

BIO/BIOL 351      Endocrinology

BIO 365                  Human Genome Health & Society

BIO 370                  Principles of Environmental Science

BIO/BIOL 373      Invertebrate Zoology

BIO/BIOL 375      Chordate Morphology

BIO/BIOL 376      Chordate Development

BIO/BIOL 403      Microbiology

BIO 410/411/412              Independent Research I, II, III

BIO 413                  Honors Research

BIO/BIOL 461      Molecular Biology

BIO/BIOL 463      Molecular Neurobiology

BIO/BIOL 472      Molecular Biotechnology: Theory and Application

BIO/BIOL 481      Human Physiology

BIO/BIOL 491      Cell Biology

BIO 499                  Senior Seminar