Nursing is intellectually stimulating, challenging and provides many opportunities for specialization and advancement. Whether it is caring for clients in a hospital, the community, working with the elderly or children, engaging in research to improve health care, teaching clients and/or students, or using advanced technology to improve health care systems, nursing is a fulfilling vocation. These opportunities are just a few avenues one can pursue in a nursing career. Medgar Evers College can help individuals to become a nurse, or to continue to climb the career by pursuing education in nursing to the BSN level.

The department promotes success in a nursing career by assessing the readiness of its graduates throughout the educational experience. It is our goal to ensure that our graduates achieve success, employ their skills and technology to enrich their community, our nation and the world. We support lifelong learning and embrace career mobility.

The department provides degree programs with clear articulation between them. The College has a commitment to students who desire self-improvement, a sound education, an opportunity to develop a personal value system and an opportunity to gain maximum benefits from life experience and from their environment. The department promotes this mission by its commitment to excellence in nursing education.


ACCREDITATION STATEMENT: Information regarding Department of Nursing AAS and BSN accreditation can be obtained from the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc.3343 Peachtree Road, NE, Suite 850; Atlanta, Georgia 30326 Tel: 404-975-5000; Fax: 404-975-5020 or Information regarding state approval status may be obtained from the New York State Education Department (NYSED) at 518 474-3817 or

NUR/NURL/NURS 130     Fundamentals of Nursing Practice

NUR/NURL 131                    Care of Clients with Altered Psychosocial Functioning

NUR/NURL/NURS 132     Commonly Occurring Health Problems 1

HSC 210                                   Nutrition: Concepts and Principles

NUR 23                                     Introduction to Practical Nursing

NUR/NURC/NURL 24        PN Fundamentals of Nursing

NUR 25                                     Nutrition

NUR 26                                     PN Pharmacology and Calculations

NUR/NURC/NURL 27        Medical & Surgical Nursing I

NUR/NURL/NURS 271     Commonly Occurring Health Problems II

NUR/NURL/NURS 272     Care of Childbearing/Childrearing Family

NUR 273                                  Transition to Nursing Practice

NUR/NURC/NURL 28        P.N. Maternal Child Health/Psychosocial Nursing

NUR/NURC/NURL 29        PN Medical Surgical Nursing II

NUR 30                                     P.N. State Board Review

HSA 300                                   Principles of Health Services Administration

HSC 301                                   Fundamental Concepts of Gerontology for Health Professionals

HSC 302                                   Health Issues Throughout the Aging Process for the Health Professions

HSA 302                                   Health Perspectives in the U.S.A

HSA 304                                   Human Resource Management and Labor Relations in HSA

NUR 304                                  Perspectives on Professional Nursing: Past and Present

HSA 310                                   Health Planning and Policy Issues

NUR/NURL 316                    Health Assessment of the Adult

NUR/NURL 318                    Community Health Nursing in Diverse Populations

NUR 321                                  Introduction to Nursing Research

NUR 322                                  Psychosocial Health in Groups

HSA 400                                   Issues and Trends in Health Services Administration

NUR/NURL 421                    Nursing Leadership and Management

NUR 422                                  High Risk Families Across the Lifespan

NUR 425                                  Professional Nursing and Trends in Health Care Delivery