The study of philosophy fosters critical, analytic reasoning skills that are part of the intellectual armament of an educated person. Its successful student will be a tough-minded thinker who is able to devise for him/herself a consistent worldview in which knowledge from other disciplines and knowledge from life experiences are put together into a coherent system. The study of philosophy will also acquaint students with the great ideas that have been central in the development of human culture over the past 25 centuries. However, philosophy is not simply a collection of doctrines. Rather, it is a set of great controversies over fundamental questions such as the nature of mind, the meaning of truth, knowledge, and value and the method of conceptual analysis we use to clarify the terms of our thinking about these questions.

REL 104                                    Leadership in the Urban Context

REL 301                                    Traditional African Religions

PHIL 301                                  Black Philosophical Thought in the Twentieth Century

REL 321                                    Buddhism and Hinduism in Eastern Thought

REL 322                                    Contemporary Issues in Religious Thought

PHIL 330                                  Philosophy of Religion

REL 333                                    Peace Education

REL 351                                    Religious Ethics

REL 450                                    African Traditional Religion