Join Our Virtual Line, Wait Where You Want

Medgar Evers College is now using the QLess app to eliminate the need for students to wait in long lines to receive service. The app allows students to join a line virtually without having to physically wait in a line. When a student is next to receive service, they will be notified to return to the service area.

QLess will be used in the following departments: Admissions and Recruitment, Financial Aid, Registrar, Bursar, Academic Advising Center (AAC), ASAP Advising, SEEK Program Advising, Public Safety, Health Services, and Freshman Year Program (FYP).

Ways to Join the Line:

Text or Call 1-347-586-0017
How does QLess work?
After virtually joining a line (or two), a student is provided with an approximate wait time to receive service. The student will receive text updates every 30 minutes if they opt for the notifications. When a student is next for service, they will receive a text asking them to return to the service area. Without having to wait in a physical line, a student can now get other things done while they wait to be called for service.
QLess is simple and easy to use. Students can join a virtual line in three different ways.

Download the App

Using the QLess App
  • Join a virtual line
  • Receive wait time updates
  • Manage your spot inline
  • Get notified when it’s your turn
For Joining via Text
Students can send the text message to Medgar Evers College or MedgarEversCollege to 1-347-586-0017. to add themselves to a queue via SMS. After the student sends the text message, they will get another message to select the department they would like to set up an appointment with, and then the reason for the visit, etc. Notifications and text alerts will keep you informed about your approximate wait time for you to reach the front of the line. You can also request additional time or remove yourself from the line. Please refer to the QLess Text Commands for more details.

Visit from any computer or mobile device.
Q: When can I use QLess?
A: QLess is available for use beginning April 1st, 2022. You can use Qless from a computer, your mobile phone, or other personal devices.

Q: What is QLess?
A: QLess is a virtual check-in and appointment service which allows you to check in and/or monitor current wait times for various services provided at Medgar Evers College. Wait in a virtual line rather than a physical line!

Q: What services areas are available through QLess?
A: QLess is available to schedule appointments in advance and walk-ins for the following areas: Admissions and Recruitment, Financial Aid, ASAP, SEEK, Public Safety, Health Services, Bursar, Registrar, Freshman Year Program (FYP).

Q: How can I use QLess?
A: You can use QLess from the Medgar Evers College Website, from your mobile phone or personal device, or by checking in, in person, at the front desk of each service area. QLess is available in the app store: just search for "QLess". Additionally, you may text the word “Medgar Evers College” or “MedgarEversCollege” to (347) 586-0017 to start your QLess process.

Q: Are walk-ins still available?
A: Yes, walk-ins are still available for many services. You will need to check in using Qless to join the line at each service area.