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Please note that Spring 2020 Student Body Elections have ended


The Spring 2020 Student Body Elections will be completed via an online voting system called e-Ballot powered by Votenet Solutions, an external entity. MEC Students will be able to vote for executive officers and representatives of the Student Government Association in the election using their smart device and/or computer. The system will provide immediate and accurate results for elections.


Brooke Smith Bio
Naomi Lazarre Bio
Kenneth Lee Bio
Tricia Bartholomew Bio
Sherifa Clarke Bio
Colin Smith Bio
Christopher Kervens Noel Bio
Mahogany Washington Bio

Raphael Omoruyi

Major: Biology

Candidate Position: President

Brooke Lugo Smith

Major: Social Work

Candidate Position: President

My name is Brooke Lugo Smith. I’m currently enrolled at Medgar Evers College, pursuing a degree in Social Work. My decision to enter this field is a very personal one. After our daughter was stillborn, my husband, Colin and I devoted our lives to advocacy. First through our own nonprofit, to help other families like ours, then here on campus. I had an instrumental part in helping programs on campus raise over two thousand dollars for charity, created and facilitated workshops serving hundreds of students between CUNY and private colleges. Over the past two years, I have served in leadership positions, such as, the SEEK Student Association President, President of the Alpha Mu Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Delegate for MEC with the University Student Senate and peer leader in the Office of Differently Abled Services. I’ve spent the last year attending press conferences, public hearings and meetings with elected officials to make sure the conditions of Medgar Ever College are recognized, and advocated for a NYS budget that would fill our Tap Gap and freeze our tuition hikes. I am ready to take my advocacy at Medgar Evers College to a new level as your Student Body President. You can see Brooke Smith's campaign video here.

Naomi Lazarre

Major: Biology

Candidate Position: Day Vice President

My name is Naomi Lazarre, Class of 2021 pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology with the goal of becoming a Forensic Nurse. I am running for Day Vice President of the Student Government Association because I want to continue to make improvements for every student here at Medgar Evers College. I believe I am qualified for this position because I am an organized, hardworking, ambitious individual, I will always give 100% effort in order to make all our school’s events run smoothly. I love to help others, and Student Government Association is an organization that is centered on benefiting the student body. I would want nothing more than to serve as your Day Vice President and help you have the best college experience. You can see Naomi Lazarre's campaign video here.

Kenneth Lee

Major: Computer Applications

Candidate Position: Day Vice President

My name is Kenneth Lee and I’m a lower sophomore running for Day Vice President of the Student Government Association. I currently hold the office of Freshmen Class President and USS alternate delegate. I'm a computer application major.

Tricia Bartholomew

Major: Public Administration

Candidate Position: Evening Vice President

My name is Tricia Bartholomew. I am currently a Sophomore at Medgar Evers College. My major is Public Administration. I would make a great Evening Vice President because I am passionate about being civically engaged and I would like to make a change on campus. I can communicate and connect with others very easily, and I am very dedicated and passionate - great qualities for a vice president to have. I am an organized, hardworking, ambitious individual that will always give 100% effort in order to make all of our school’s events run smoothly. I am also a  Peer Mentor on campus with the SEEK program. I have volunteered at Medgar Evers College Food Pantry and have interned as a Court Navigator at Housing Court 144 Livingston Street. I was a Democratic Coach at Generation Citizen for Public Service High. Moreover, my leadership experience in these organizations will allow me to run an effective student council. I am running for Student Government Evening Vice President because I fully understand all the responsibilities that come with the position. I truly care for the student body and feel that I could voice everyone’s opinions and concerns. I love our school and everything it has to offer. You can see Tricia Bartholomew's campaign video here.

Sherifa Clarke

Major: Business Administration

Candidate Position: Evening Vice President

My name is Sherifa Clarke and I am a 30+ year old ASAP Freshman student aiming for a Business Administration degree. I would love to be in the wonderful world of Finance or Hospitality someday. I have no children except a teenaged nephew that I spoil and consider mine.

A bit about me: I am the biggest Marvel comics/movies fan I know and a large movie buff in general. I can be found every Thursday night at a Regal theatre enjoying the perks of my unlimited access card. I am also an avid reader (Sci-fi) and a dancer. I dabbled in Marketing and Promotions and worked with a dancehall workout, Brukwine for a few years.

I’m a Gemini and therefore social by nature - I love people and live for helping others. I despise injustice anywhere and I believe it’s my civic duty to get involved and help. I volunteer whenever I can and am a platinum level blood donor for the New York Blood Center.

My platform: I am running for Evening Vice President of the Student Government Association because I believe the school and its resources should work for all students - especially students who work full time and have rigid/crazy schedules (nights and weekends). Medgar Evers is a great school and I feel beyond blessed to attend, however, there is room for improvement with nights and weekend resources. I believe together we can work on that. I vow to do what I can for my fellow students!

Colin Smith

Major: Pyschology

Candidate Position: Evening Vice President

My name is Colin G. Smith. I was inspired by my wife, Brooke to go back to school. She told me about the ASAP program and some of the things they offer. With a low GPA, the ASAP program accepted me with the support of the Differently Abled Office. Because of these programs, I am NOW a Dean’s list student with a 3.4 GPA, a Delegate for Medgar Evers College with the University Student Senate, Parliamentarian with the Student Government Association, President of the Alpha Alpha Phi Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated® and former student-athlete with the MEC Cougars, competing in javelin, shot put, cross country and track and field. I’m a prime example of not giving up. I know firsthand that evening students face adversities that make them want to give up. A wise man once told me that there is a degree here with my name on it. As Evening Vice President, we will work together to ensure that you too, can walk away from this college with a degree that has your name on it. You can see Colin Smith's campaign video here

Christopher Kervens Noel

Major: Business Administration

Candidate Position: Treasurer

Mahogany Washington

Major: Psychology

Candidate Position: Treasurer

You can see Mahogany Washington's campaign video here

Rockella Sanon Bio
Christopher Dalley Bio
Idowu Igbinoba Bio
Daniel St. Vincent Bio
Brian Garrett Bio

Rockella Sanon

Major: Media & Performing Arts

Candidate Position: Senior Class President

“Determination is Power”

Christopher Dalley

Major: Liberal Arts

Candidate Position: Senior Class Representative

My name is Christopher Dalley, I am a Liberal Arts major here at Medgar Evers College. I’m running for Student Government Association Senior Class Representative. The reason why I am running for this position is that I want to make an impact here at Medgar Evers no matter how big or small it is. As a Senior Class Representative, I am certain that I will be able to make positive changes on the behalf of the senior class.

Idowu Igbinoba

Major: Computer Information

Candidate Position: Junior Class President

My name is Idowu Igbinoba and I’m running for Junior Class President. My major is computer information. I had the opportunity to serve in a leadership role in high school as a peer group leader. Being a peer group leader, I was able to serve as a positive role model and empower freshmen to be their best. I would love to be part of SGA to expand my leadership skills and serve all. I promise to put my best foot forward to serve the student body and to be able to provide better resources for the junior class.
So Remember, the name Idowu Igbinoba for Junior Class President! You can see Idowu Igbinoba's campaign video here.

Daniel St. Vincent

Major: Computer Science

Candidate Position: Junior Class President

Hello my fellow MEC students! My name is Daniel St. Vincent, and I am a Computer Science major. I am the proud son of parents who immigrated to the U.S. from the beautiful island of Trinidad. As a student of our college, I am aware of the many recurring issues and difficulties MEC students encounter daily. Many of these issues include elevators, sudden tuition hikes, and students taking longer than four years to obtain a bachelor’s degree. However, despite all of the issues MEC students face, I am determined to work within the SGA to find solutions towards fixing the unjust, unfair, and negative situations. My motto is “I Will Advocate and Fight For Our Rights As MEC Junior Class Students.”

Therefore, as the Junior Class President, I will not only assist and address all students, but I will help the Junior year students apply and get accepted into various internships, and scholarship programs. I will also collaborate with the MEC Career Center to create various opportunities that will guide the junior class students towards a path of success within their career fields after graduation. You can see Daniel St. Vincent's campaign video here.

Brian Garrett

Major: Public Administration

Candidate Position: Sophomore Class President


Firstly, being a student attending Medgar Evers College, I want breathe life into the institution, a life I feel is being suppressed. Using my platform, I will work alongside my counterparts to promote a new culture and atmosphere throughout the institution. Also, my goal of a future career in politics and law will detail different positions within government, which supports my passion in pursuing an office in the Student Government Association.

( )* = Number of positions to be filled


The Student Body Elections Candidate Debates will take place via Zoom, a remote real-time video conferencing service. Joining the debate is easy. Visit the Zoom links provided below at the select time to hear your candidates’ platform.

Date: April 21, 2020
Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Location: Zoom Online
Link: www.zoom.us/j/791503075
Meeting ID: 791 503 075

Date: April 22, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Location: Zoom Online
Link: www.zoom.us/j/252892539
Meeting ID: 252 892 539

Please use the link below to submit your questions to candidates for the debates: https://forms.gle/nEdsVhKZ8TiaJpj96


Voting is simple. All you need is your MEC user ID and password. Please ensure that you have access to your MEC student email or your preferred email, as your e-Ballot and its random computer-generated password will be sent to this email address on April 30, 2020. If you cannot access your MEC student email, please contact the IT Help Desk via email: helpit@mec.cuny.edu. For voting-related questions or concerns email: studentlife@mec.cuny.edu.



POLLS OPEN – 12:01 AM (MAY 4, 2020)

POLLS CLOSE – 11:59 PM (MAY 7, 2020)

Unofficial Elections Results (Electronic)
Date: Friday, May 8, 2020

SERC* Appeals and Financial Statement Due
Date: Friday, May 8, 2020
Email appeals and statements to: areece@mec.cuny.edu or peter@mec.cuny.edu
Time:9:00 AM - 11:59 PM

SERC Appeal Hearings
Date: Monday, May 11, 2020 - Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Online: Zoom Meetings

SERC Certifies the Spring 2020 Student Body Elections
Date: Thursday, May 14, 2020

Official Spring 2020 Student Body Elections Results Posted
Date: Friday, May 15, 2020

*Student Elections Review Committee