The Medgar Evers College 2023 Strategic Planning Committee is charged with channeling feedback from key stakeholders to inform the strategic plan and guide its direction.

Committee Members

Ms. Thais Pilieri
Director of Bursar’s Office, Administration and Finance

Mr. Cory Wright
Chief Admin Superintendent, Administration and Finance

Mr. Xavier Barreto
AVP of IT / CIO, Administration and Finance

Ms. Goldene Lewis
Director of Risk Management, Administration and Finance

Ms. Rebecca Fraley – Corrado
AVP of Admin and Finance, Administration and Finance

Mr. Jerry Hoffman
Interim Director of Public Safety, Administration and Finance

Mr. Jeffrey Sigler
Director of Enrollment, Student Success and Enrollment Management

Ms. Sherrill Ann Mason
Director of SEEK Program, Student Success and Enrollment Management

Ms. Chetera Murphy
Director of Athletics, Student Success and Enrollment Management

Ms. Tanisha Mallette
Director of Communications, Communications, College Advancement and Relations

Dr. Michael Flanigan
Director of Development, Communications, College Advancement and Relations

Ms. Marsha Escayg
Director of Alumni Relations, Communications, College Advancement and Relations

Mr. Peter Holoman
Director of Advancement and Strategic Partnerships, Communications, College Advancement and Relations

Ms. Rosemary Wiliams
Chair of Accounting, Department of Accounting

Ms. Evelyn Maggio
Chair of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration

Dr. Sikiru A. Fadario
Chair of Computer Information Systems, Department of Computer Information Systems

Dr. Chinyere Egbe
Chair of Economics and Finance, Department of Economics and Finance

Dr. Zulema Blair
Chair of Public Administration, Department of Public Administration

Dr. Ken Hoyte
Chair of Development and Special Education, Department of Development and Special Education

Dr. Rupam Saran
Chair of Multicultural Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Department of Multicultural Early Childhood and Elementary Education

Dr. Susan Fischer
Chair of English, Department of English

Dr. Clinton Crawford
Chair of Mass Communications, Department of Mass-communications

Dr. Vivaldi Jean-Marie
Chair of Philosophy and Religion, Department of Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Maudry- Beverly Lashley
Chair of Psychology,  Department of Psychology

Dr. Maria Delongoria
Chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences,  Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Edward Hernandez
Chair of Social Work, Department of Social Work

Dr. Sheldon Huggins
Chair of World Languages and Cultures, Department of World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Chiyedza Small
Chair of Biology, Department of Biology

Dr. Alicia Reid
Chair of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science

Mr. Jean M Jean-Michel
Chair of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics

Ms. Shirley Daniels
Chair of Nursing, Department of Nursing

Dr. Rosa Zuvala-Gutierrez
Chair of Physics and Computer Science, Department of Physics and Computer Science

Steering Committee

Dr. Antoinette Coleman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs

Dr. Kimberly Whitehead
SVP for Strategy and Chief of Staff

SVP Jesse Kane
SVP for Student Success and Enrollment Management

Ms. Shirley Irick
Interim Special Counsel, Office of the President

Dr. Evelyn Castro
Senior Advisor to the President for Community Engagement

SVP Jacqueline Clark
Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance, Office of Administration and Finance

Dr. Byron Price
Professor, Public Administration Department of Public Administration

Dr. Terrence Blackman
Professor, Mathematics, Department of Mathematics

Dr. Tabora Johnson
Associate Professor, Education, Department of Education

Ms. Joanna Dorsey
SGA President

Mr. Brian Garrett
BRC student intern

Ms. Faye Chan
IT SR. Associate Level 2

Dr. Marilyn Brown
Medgar Evers Alumna

Ms. Tanya Serdiuk
Director, Office of Accreditation

Mr. Paul Xu
IT Associate- Enterprise Applications

Susan Haynes
Executive Director of Human Resources