Student Life

The College will implement a wide range of online and in-person student engagement opportunities. In addition, Student Life will support student clubs and organizations during the transition and collaborate with other campus-based offices (including the Men's and Women's Centers and Office of Health Services) to facilitate events and programming as needed.

A limited number of in-person indoor events may be allowed with fixed seating, as long as space allows for proper social distancing, ventilation, and cleaning protocols before and after use. The College will monitor to allow for contact tracing afterward if needed.
Student Services
  • The College will continue distributing laptops and hotspots to students who need a personal computing device or WIFI off Campus
  • Scholarships are provided to students and do not have to be repaid and usually are awarded based on academic merit. The Division of Student Success will continue to administer grants that assist students with expenses or emergencies resulting from COVID-19. Students may submit information to
  • The Transition Academy will assist students whose access to food or secure housing is impacted. To obtain assistance, students can email or Students can also visit the pantry in the S-Building (1637 Bedford Avenue, 3rd Floor) on Mondays and Wednesdays between 10 am - 2 pm and Tuesdays between 3 pm - 7 pm.
Counseling and Mental Health Services

  • Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) Makeba Pinder will coordinate and manage all services provided by the office, including programming, support groups, assessment, and referrals.
  • CPS will work collaboratively across the College to support students experiencing some measure of distress in their lives. CPS will spearhead events and initiatives alongside the Campus Chaplain, Father Ralph Rivera, to ensure students access spiritual counseling.
  • Students may seek out or be referred to mental health providers off-campus for various reasons. These may include a preference for long-term therapy/treatment or a particular specialization/approach. Students can schedule a consultation to help identify the most appropriate services and care for their specific needs. CPS can be reached by emailing or calling (718) 270-5123 or (973) 946-8120.
Office of Health Services (OHS)

Students who have personal concerns regarding COVID-19 or questions about the virus or vaccines can contact the OHS Director, Althea Willie, RN, at OHS will maintain a presence at online and in-person student engagement events and provide safety and health maintenance resources.
Out-of-State and International Students

There are several COVID-related requirements for international students who leave New York State during breaks. Listed below are the requirements for international students to be eligible to return to campus.
  • All students are required to be vaccinated
  • Students will affirm that they have been symptom-free for the ten days before coming to campus, have not traveled out of the state, and have not been exposed to COVID-19 positive individuals
  • Students will affirm that they have completed a seven-day precautional quarantine before coming to the campus
  • Students must be tested for COVID and provide recent negative test results to the Office of Health Services
  • Students not eligible for testing due to a previous positive test or other reason recognized by NYS Department of Health guidance will be required to submit proof of such status to the Office of Health Services.